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Blender hotkey priority is defined by order but hotkey editor does not allow for order editing
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I've discovered this shocking design flaw after spending a few hours scratching my head as to why some of the assigned hotkeys does not work. In my case, transform gizmo planar constraint triggered by holding down Shift key has stopped working. It appears that the Blender decides execution priority of a shortcut based on its order in the list, so if you for example remove view3d.manipulator entries in 3D View (Global) category, and then add these very same entries with very same settings at the bottom, then Planar Constraint mode of manipulator gizmo will stop working, because some other action above will have higher priority.

Aside from being nearly impossible for the end user to figure out why this is not working, as there is no implication of this mechanism, what's even more scary is that hotkey editor in Blender does not allow for re-ordering of assigned hotkeys, so if you add a new hotkey entry, it's always added at the bottom, and only way to fix this is to open exported .py key configuration file in a text editor, and manually edit the order there.

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Confirmed, this indeed feels a bit weak.
I havent checked the code yet, so it could be a known limitation... @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) : is this more of a TODO? (adding a reordering feature would be I guess - not sure if this is an easy task)

Since 2.8 workflow release is supposed to include also reworked key map, I'd suggest some adjustments to to hotkey editor. In relation to this issue, first thing in order would probably be to add something into the user interface that implies hotkey order from top to bottom is relevant to hotkey functionality, because right now, probably almost no one knows about this. Once users are aware that the descending order of hotkeys is relevant to their functionality, they should have some basic UI elements to customize the order.

But in my opinion, the safest and most intuitive way to handle this would be to remove order dependency completely, and instead do not allow mapping of the same hotkey multiple times in the same mode/panel. While this could be a little limiting, it would remove a lot of room for error current hotkey editor suffers from.

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This is a TODO which can be handled with general improvements to the keymap editor.

Added to wiki:

This issue still remains, makes for hotkey editing a lot more annoying