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VSE scene proxy crash
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I'm submitting this as a To Do because I'm guessing this is an incomplete feature.

System Information
Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit, 32GB, 5960x, Nvidia Quadro FX 1800 (Primary) & GeForce 9800 GTX+ (Secondary)
Graphics Tablet: Wacom Bamboo Model: CTF-430 Driver Version 5.2.4-5

Ubuntu Linux (ubuntu-17.10-desktop-amd64) w/ Virtual Box Version 5.2.4 r119785 (Qt5.6.2))

Blender Version
Broken: (2.79)
Worked: (N/A)

Short description of error
Proxy render crash when building scene proxy.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

If you can't play the videos in your web browser, right-click the video --> copy link address (or equivalent) and play it in a media player like VLC.

blender-2.79.0 dbcc17 windows64


I managed to get the proxy rendered on my Lenovo T520 but my Lenovo X220 beeped when I started the proxy render:

Lenovo X220:

The folder structure blender outputs is... well see for yourself (Main System)

This is the result after multiple failed attempts at building a proxy at different resolution percentages (with overwrite enabled)

Proxy folder:

Blender File:

As mentioned before I'm not too sure is this is a bug or an incomplete feature.


To Do

Event Timeline

Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

Not sure about the folderstructure (I dont see that here)
But I can confirm a crash

First note:

1   je_huge_salloc                                                        0x7ffff19b0261 
2   free                                                                  0x7ffff1982023 
3   MEM_lockfree_freeN                       mallocn_lockfree_impl.c 164  0x3135b40      
4   imb_freerectfloatImBuf                   allocimbuf.c            111  0x2e9006c      
5   IMB_freeImBuf                            allocimbuf.c            216  0x2e90470      
6   BKE_sequencer_preprocessed_cache_cleanup seqcache.c              200  0x2beabbd      
7   BKE_sequencer_cache_cleanup              seqcache.c              139  0x2bea94c      
8   BKE_sequencer_all_free_anim_ibufs        sequencer.c             5669 0x2c13043      
9   do_render_all_options                    pipeline.c              2822 0x2356063      
10  RE_BlenderFrame                          pipeline.c              3251 0x2357295      
11  seq_render_scene_strip                   sequencer.c             3348 0x2c0cf0e      
12  do_render_strip_uncached                 sequencer.c             3494 0x2c0d73f      
13  seq_render_strip                         sequencer.c             3614 0x2c0dc93      
14  seq_proxy_build_frame                    sequencer.c             1830 0x2c089b9      
15  BKE_sequencer_proxy_rebuild              sequencer.c             2046 0x2c0924a      
16  proxy_startjob                           sequencer_edit.c        156  0x1d9a50c      
17  do_job_thread                            wm_jobs.c               337  0x1cc9a85      
18  tslot_thread_start                       threads.c               253  0x2f4b189      
19  start_thread                                                          0x7ffff04ec61b 
20  clone                                                                 0x7ffff001591f 
... <More>

Well the crash and folder structure are "fixed" so... marking as resolved.
See rB6535f668b4733e354db7073c4edc82e6e820a678
Also see T54259

Proxies for scene strips should be replaced by cache dumping system, so I would also close this.
This is because cache system will manage validity of a frame, so we can do minimal necessary rebuild instead of manual re-render.