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Overlapping volumes render incorrectly with branched path tracing
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This bug is verified on macOS and Linux in commit c723e91ee155612b68950ca2a44b49bdd3c72838

Git bisect points to commit cd023b6cecb7b8c74de1d16510ad09668b86001f as the one introducing this bug. Said commit was part of D2766.

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Stefan Werner (swerner) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.
Stefan Werner (swerner) added a subscriber: Cycles.

It looks like this happens with plain transparency too - branched path tracing and plain path tracing give different results. See the attached scene.

Thanks, that was quick.
You're right, D2766 only made the issue more visible - it was present in earlier revisions as well when the min transparency parameter was set low enough.