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Background Image. Color menu doesn't work in 3D view T-menu.
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Color menu, where you can choose the colorspace for the background footage in 3D Viewport T-menu, doesn't work.
Colorspace doesn't change.



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Lukas Ziechmann (bl_cat) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

I guess what you are referring to is that the changes/ color transformations of the color space/ exposure/ etc. in the properties editor - scene settings are not applied to the background image(s) set in the 3D-View.
I don't know if that is desired behavior, but I agree it seems like a bug. I guess the color transformation specified in the scene settings should apply to all areas of blender. I will thus confirm this as a bug for now, but invite others to clarify.

( Additionally I have to ask that in the future if you will create another bug report please try to make it easier for others to follow your thoughts. There is e.g. no menu to choose the color space from for the background footage in the Tools-menu (T-menu). )

Can you prepare an example .blend file, please?