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MSVC 2017 migration.
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the migration to msvc2017 needs some work still to be considered stable and fully supported. This task is to keep track of what needs to be done.

  • T53951 Copying run-time libraries no longer works.
  • D2913 Cuda doesn't work with newer msvc versions.
  • Block msvc 2013 in cmake
  • remove vc12 libs from svn
  • fix boost warning about 'unknown compiler' rBL62018
  • add C4828 to warning ignore list for now (non utf-8 characters in 3rd party headers) once the offending libs have been upgraded we might turn this back on. rB7427e3e50134
  • update build instructions on the wiki
  • validate cflags on MinSizeRel and RelWithDebugInfo builds.


To Do