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Rigify - Cat setup suggestions/fix
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System Information
Windows 10 Pro Nvidia GTX 970

Blender Version
2.79.2 37beac8
Rigify 0.5

Short description of error
As I'm currently rigging a cat, I have some suggestions/fix to bring about the cat setup of Rigify 0.5.

When the ears need to go down (i.e. for an aggressive expression), most of the cat's ears fold back on itself on the outer edge of the ear while the inner edge remains straight or slightly bent.

The current rigify cat setup have not such fold possibility. However, if we reverse the ear rig in orter to have ear.L.001 and ear.L.002 placed on the outer side edge of the ear, I can mimic that effect :

It's far from perfect but it may be an idea of improvement. The downsides of that "reversing" workaround are that the main ear bone (used for rotation and location of the whole ear) is now on the wrong side of the ear, the inner edge of the ear have bad deformations and it doesn't have anything to give it a nice bending for this kind of pose anyway.

This cat rig ears can be improved I think.

Rig Layers
The Spine's and tail's tweak controllers are for now stored in the Face (Primary) layer. I think these should be stored in the Spine and Tail layers or even have their own as they are Tweak bones.

Breast.C Bones
The Breast.C bone and ORG-Breast.C bone are for now parented to the root bone. Which means that the breast floats in the air if the body is moved in any way. Unlike belly.C and ORG-belly.C which are parented to ORG-spine.003 and follow the body correctly.

A good fix would be to parent Breast.C and ORG-Breast.C to ORG-spine.003

Anyway, thanks for this awesome setup, it saves me a huge amount of time !



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