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End clip show back wall of the mesh in Edit mode
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Win10 \ Nvidia 970gtx

2.79 5bd8ac9

I'm making a game assets for UE4, wich scale of notation is centimeters.
So in blender my back clip by default only 10 meters and this is pain in the butt.

Problem shows when i increasing this number more then 100 meters (need at least 1km for proper workflow),
blender show me a back wall of the mesh like in wireframe mode (i'm working in solid) and in this way it's impossible for normal topology or uv editing.



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Roman (radeonoff) updated the task description. (Show Details)
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Having such a big span between near and far clipping leaves really low resolution for Z-buffer to work. This is not specific to Blender, this is how all 3D software will behave. See