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Render Sampling Preset's write protection collision with duplicates
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In the Rendering section for Samplings I added a name that already exists "Preview" there are now two Preview settings and when you try to delete either of them it errors saying. Unable to remove Preset Permission Error 13 access is denied.

What it should do (besides observe case properly ie caps other then first) is add a .001 to the duplicate name like it does in object tree etc. or error warning that preset name exists already.

What is the procedure to correct this when it's broken as described?



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Please don't triage reports yourself and leave that to developers.

Presets files are stored in a 2.79 directory. In this case it is located into a location that looks like

During the installation, file corresponding to "Preview" preset was probably written with administrator rights at the location described as SYSTEM location in the manual.
When you write a preset, it is written in USER location. But you can not delete the one in SYSTEM location without administrator rights.

If you are not successful with presets creation, you can directly edit files by using a text editor.

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