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Remove Spline IK roll description
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The paragraph Roll Control on the Spline IK page describes how to twist \ roll (*) a Spline-IK-constrained bone chain, but following the steps does not produce those results under the current release of Blender.

(*) "Twist" or "roll", meaning the dampened rotation that's inherited up the chain, creating a twisting effect like the one you get from bendy-bones:

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A couple of things here, there is no supported way to do this. See this thread: however like the documentation states you can chain together copy rotation constraints to create a twisting effect.

Great commit.
Is it possible to link to Youtube videos from the documentation? I wanted to make one explaining how to set up the Spline IK twisting à la bendy-bone, which is very useful for character spines like for head-turn twisting.

In theory yes, however, they cannot be from a third party channel and must be hosted by an official Blender youtube channel or

We are currently in progress on figuring out how properly do this.