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Python API for Blender's internal image functions
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Note, this is a summary of the discussion with @Sergey Sharybin (sergey) on IRC after it was requested that pillow be included with Blender. While I don't intend to work on this near term, I'm happy to help someone else take on this task - @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) .

Update: A very basic image API has been committed to master & 2.8 branch rB409cfba1a3cdec228c7f93aa8c1fbc912a6d6525, this was done so we can more easily accept incremental improvements.

There are cases where it's useful to manipulate image data in Python, outside of Blender's image data-blocks (which are user data that's saved to file).

The Python module 'pillow' is a capable module, however we would prefer to expose Blender's internal image operations, instead of bundling pillow with Blender.

Reasons include:

  • 100% compatibility with Blender's file formats, so all files that load in Blender load through Python (including details like compression methods, meta-data and particular color-management settings).
  • Bundling pillow adds more burden for platform maintainers, also increases download size.
  • Image support can be buggy (security CVE's, bugs in one image loader not in another).
  • Using Blender's image support means any improvements here will benefit Blender too.
  • Potential for better integration with the rest of Blender (so passing images from Python can be used in Blender as-is).

We could initially support a basic API:

  • load/save (done)
  • rotate
  • scale
  • crop
  • simple color operations (brightness contrast)
  • direct pixel access using Python buffers.

Once basic support is working well we might consider:

  • more advanced effects (perhaps de-duplicate with the sequencer effects/modifiers).
  • color management access & conversion.
  • text drawing (using the blf API, which already works in C, use for text in the sequencer).
  • blitting content between images.

... others cold be added, these are just suggestions.

Note that additions to this API would mean some refactoring & improvements to ImBuf since the Python API would be a thin wrapper on ImBuf operations.

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Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) updated the task description. (Show Details)

I would like to be part of this. Though I can not work full time as I have another full-time job.

Committed to master, closing.

Correction, the API was only committed at a very basic level, so keep this open.