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3D markers to mesh In MovieClipEditor Not working.
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System Information
Manjaro Linux
Intel 7700 CPU
Graphic card : Nvidia 1070 On a laptop

Blender Version 2.79a and latest build from
Broken: (example: official blender 2.79a, also tested on Build number 0301df40e5)
Worked: (optional)

3D markers to Mesh operator in Movie Clip editor Not working.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Do a simple camera track.
  2. Setup the camera in the 3d view using "Setup Tracking Scene" operator.
  3. Inside the Movie Clip Editor, Reconstruction Menu > 3D markers to Mesh
  4. Until blender 2.78, this operator creates a mesh named "Tracks" with vertices at each 3d location .
  5. In the latest blender, This "tracks" object has no vertices generated.


Event Timeline

In recent versions of Blender we've changed logic in a way that only selected tracks are converted to mesh. This way it's more useful to do partial reconstructions, or to ignore some "helper" tracks from the object.

I'll add a message when none of usable tracks are selected, would make it more obvious what's going on this way.