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Blender can't easy download in China
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System Information
win10 64bit gtx1060

Blender Version
Broken: for the blender from blend4web
Worked: (optional)

Blender can't easy download in China, even can't, because it's used the mirror from blend4web

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
I'm don't know when to start, the blender from have move the mirror to blend4web, in China, can't easy to visit blend4web, nut sure the reason, maybe used google front, or something, in China, the great fire wall(GFW) is very strong, so if not through proxy, can't visit lots website, or very slowly, like b4w site. the default download link is from blend4web,

Lots Chinese is hard to download, and I must tell them to download form, this is more quickly to visit, but I can't tell everyone, if possible please provide more links in download page, it's good for new users, very thanks.


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Leroy (Leroy) changed Type from Bug to To Do.

Looking at the source for the page, I don't see any sign of 'blend4web'.
Inspecting the links, they all show For example:

If there is some redirection or browser highjacking taking place, it would be outside our control.

Update: apparently our back end is 'randomly' picking mirrors based on some criteria. Maybe something for @Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) to look at?

, test it again in incognito mode , the will from blend4web, and the speed is amazing :(

Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) triaged this task as Needs Information from User priority.Aug 11 2018, 4:33 PM

blend4web in China area is not very stable if you don't used proxy. even sometimes no speed.

Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) closed this task as Resolved.Aug 12 2018, 12:17 PM

Hi, for the moment I have disabled the Blend4web mirror - their SSL cert expired.
We will look into a better solution for mirroring Blender downloads in Asia in the future.
I'll close the issue, but please let us know if you have any further remarks.

Very thanks for you care, if possible, hope add different language translation for the in actually, not everyone is good at English. you know, even I tell my friend download blender from, but when they open the page and all English word fill the eye, most will close it in instantly. who care where is the "Download", full of fear :D

The krita did it well, many language version. just a suggestion, if you need, I can help you to translate in Chinese version, thanks.