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Translation text cannot be replaced
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The text 'UV Vertex', though translation exists in the language file (po file), is not visible in the UI.

Recreation procedure:

  1. Open new blender file.
  2. Select the default cube, Tab into Edit Mode, press 'U' to unwrap UV, select an option from the popup menu (ie. 'Unwrap')
  3. Drag the triangle top right to create a new window. Change the new Window to 'UV/Image Editor'
  4. While the mouse pointer is on the 'UV/Image Editor', press 'N' to open the sub-tool-bar on the right and notice the text on top 'UV Vertex'.
  5. File->User Preferences->System, select 'International Fonts' (ticked), and select a foreign language of choice other than English. Click the first two button (Interface, Tooltips) below.
  6. Go back to the 'UV/Image Editor' screen and you should now see that the 'UV Vertex' has NOT been changed.
  7. Check this against the PO file of the chosen language to see if this line has been translated or not. The entry should be (msgid "UV Vertex"). The block of code responsible for this exists in uvedit_buttons.c (at bottom of the source file).



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Cannot confirm this, for Vietnamese (as your screenshot suggests?) see

It's in the vi.po as well as the interface

Which blender version are you using?

This is the image I captured my screen, using the latest release 2.79b (2018/03/22 - 14:10, hash: f4dc9f9d68b), running on Linux.

The text line in question is in vi.po (line: 117494) and the line of code referring it is in

I rechecked with 2.79 (Branch: 2.8 - 2017-08-08 14:43, hash: e8b6bcd65c9), an earlier version and I could see the translated text as in the image you've posted. As soon as I placed my local with latest translation text produced using

msgfmt (GNU gettext-tools)

with the command

msgfmt -cv -o $MO_FILE $PO_FILE

I can see the error again.

Something has changed or I had done something wrong here. I wish you could help to enlight me as what have I done wrong or where the problem lies. This is the vi.po file I have:

and this is the I use locally:

Hi @Hoang Duy Tran (hoangduytran),
I wasnt aware you were building your own .mo outside the 'normal' blender build process.
note to myself (as I will get back to this later): check here and here

Your MO (or PO) file must be broken somehow, you have to check on messages from gettext tools when you build it. But am afraid we cannot help further here, that is not a blender bug.