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2.79b manipulator config not kept in user preferences
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System Information
Linux Ubuntu 17.10 / gfx: GT 520MX

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79b / Worked: 2.79

Short description of error
in 2.79b manipulator is at wrong "intuitive" place when put to use it for manipulating ;)
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
.blend file seems no use here as it is about further files reproductible.

0- select the cube to make manipulator appear - be in pivot center for rot/scale: 3D cursor
from here you just have to place manipulator on a corner..
1 - using 2.79 version - move the scene - then you just see the manipulator is Locked right to the corner
2 - using 2.79b - move the scene from an other point of view ;)- then manipulator is anywhere in V2.79B ...

put manipulator to the cube corner ...:
then old V2.79 way was that:
AS the new 2.79b result is that :

See ? .. manipulator is no more on the cube corner !
.. that's weird and really annoying to use manipulator correctly as it's no more intuitive!
Also SOLUTION is about incomplete startup file or something at start missing (as in 2.79b splash screen there is no get "old config")
But in fact .. many parts of user preferences are OK except those about interface:
so difference is about " !! view manipulation " ...

of course !: those UNtick/UNCHECKED violet squares in new 2.79b !
as OK there CHECKed -V2.79:
  • ALL the rest of the config has been preserved.

So solved in part when review config in the morning !
CHeers ! and excuse to bother some other sleeping ones ;)

Thank you anyone, even was a startup file incomplete (?) or something wrong as some cases not checked



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