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Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh Tools
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Note, while these follow menus, duplicates have been removed.


  • MESH_OT_select_similar_region (D3672)
  • MESH_OT_knife_project (leave aside for now, too complex - see D3637)
  • MESH_OT_knife_tool (leave aside for now, too complex - see D3637)

Mesh Menu:

Snap Menu:

Vertex Menu:

Edge Menu:

Face Menu:

Mesh Toolbar: (should be added to menu)


Differential Revisions
D3672: Multi-Objects: MESH_OT_select_similar_region
D3659: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_vertices_smooth_laplacian
D3656: Multi-Object-Mode: MESH_OT_blend_from_shape
D3651: Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh Tools: MESH_OT_shape_propagate_to_all
D3648: Multi-Objects: support for VIEW3D_OT_snap_selected_to_cursor
D3634: Multi-Objects: MESH_OT_bisect
D3632: MESH_OT_shortest_path_pick
D3629: Multi-Objects: MESH_OT_dupli_extrude_cursor
D3550: Multi-Objects: Calculate Transform origin with all Editmode Meshes
D3425: Multi-Objects: VIEW3D_OT_snap_selected_to_cursor
D3456: Multi Object Mode: ED_operator_editmesh
D3401: Edit mesh: multi-object vertex smooth support
D3392: Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh Offset Edge Loop (MESH_OT_offset_edge_loops)
D3391: Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh extrude to cursor Tool (MESH_OT_dupli_extrude_cursor)
D3379: Edit Mesh: multi-object sort_elements support
D3377: Multi Object Editing: Added snap cursor to selected
D3376: Multi Object Editing: Added snap selection to cursor
D3352: Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh Tool Bevel (MESH_OT_bevel )
D3228: Edit Mesh: multi-object support for 'Split Non-Planar Faces' (MESH_OT_vert_connect_nonplanar)
D3233: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for Add an edge or face to selected
D3234: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for Fill a selected edge loop with faces
D3242: Multi Object Fill
D3246: Multi-Object-Editing: Add support for Beautify Faces
D3254: Multi-Object-Editing: Add support for Split Non-Planar Faces
D3255: Multi-Object-Editing: Add support for Split Concave Faces
D3256: Multi-Object-Mode: Add support for Merge selected vertices
D3261: Multi-Object-Mode: bridge edge loops tool (MESH_OT_bridge_edge_loops)
D3265: Multi-Object-Mode: MESH_OT_fill_grid
D3292: Multi-Object-Edit : MESH_OT_select_similar
D3294: Multi-Object-Edit : MESH_OT_select_similar_region
D3296: Multi-Object-Edit : MESH_OT_select_mirror
D3297: Multi-Object-Edit : MESH_OT_select_loose
D3299: Multi-object mirror selected
D3300: Multi-Object-Mode : MESH_OT_bevel
D3301: Multi Object Editing: MESH_OT_select_face_by_sides
D3370: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_duplicate
D3371: T54643-Multi-Object EditMesh: MESH_OT_select_nth
D3372: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_faces_select_linked_flat
D3349: Multi object edit: Added MESH_OT_vert_connect_path
D3351: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_shortest_path_select
D3359: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_select_nth
D3367: Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh Tool loop select (MESH_OT_loop_select)
D3323: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_select_mirror
D3338: Multi-Object Editing: MESH_OT_bridge_edge_loops
D3337: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_select_axis
D3335: Multi-Object-Editing: MESH_OT_select_ungrouped T54643
D3334: Multi-Object-Editing Support for MESH_OT_select_interior_faces
D3333: Multi Object Mode: Added MESH_OT_fill
D3330: Multi Object Mode: Added sort elements.
D3312: Multi-Object-Editing: Make Planar Faces (MESH_OT_vert_connect_nonplanar)
D3306: Multi-Object-Editing: intersect boolean (MESH_OT_intersect_boolean)
D3307: Multi-Object-Editing: intersect (MESH_OT_intersect)
D3308: Multi-Object-Editing: Weld Edges into Faces(MESH_OT_face_split_by_edges)
D3310: Edit Mesh: multi-object MESH_OT_select_similar support
D3302: Multi object edit: VIEW3D_OT_snap_selected_to_grid
D3293: Multi object edit: Added MESH_OT_vert_connect_path
D3245: Edit Mesh: multi-object MESH_OT_loop_multi_select support
D3248: Edit Mesh: multi-object MESH_OT_region_to_loop support
D3253: Edit Mesh: multi-object MESH_OT_loop_to_region support
D3257: Edit Mesh: multi-object support for 'Snap to Symmetry'
D3291: Multi-Object-Editing Support for MESH_OT_beautify_fill
D3284: Multi-Object-Editing: vertices smooth laplacian (MESH_OT_vertices_smooth_laplacian)
D3243: Multi-Object-Editing: Spin (MESH_OT_spin)
D3247: Multi-Object-Editing: Inset (MESH_OT_inset)
D3267: Multi-Object-Editing: Seperate (MESH_OT_separate)
D3269: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_screw
D3273: Multi-Object-Editing: Add support for MESH_OT_vert_connect
D3279: EditMesh: multi object spin support
D3276: Added select loose to multi edit mode.
D3225: Multi-Object-Editing : Dissolve (Context-Sensitive)
D3222: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for Grid Fill
D3280: Multi-Object-Editing: select_sharp_edges (MESH_OT_edges_select_sharp)
D3268: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_rip_edge
D3266: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_rip
D3264: Edit Mesh: multi-object filling of selected edge loops with faces
D3232: Multi-Object-Editing: select_non_manifold (MESH_OT_select_non_manifold)
D3231: Multi-Object-Editing: select random (MESH_OT_select_random)
D3230: Multi-Object-Editing: vertices smooth (MESH_OT_vertices_smooth)
D3226: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_merge
D3224: Multi-Object-Editing : Extrude Repeat
D3223: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_convex_hull
D3221: Edit Mesh: multi-object rotate_uvs support
D3218: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for MESH_OT_solidify
D3217: Multi-Object-Editing Support for MESH_OT_wireframe
D3220: Edit Mesh: multi-object reverse_uvs support
D3219: Edit Mesh: multi-object faces_shade_flat support
D3215: Multi-Object Editing: subdivide edgering support
D3216: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for Face Dissolve
D3214: Multi object editing - face dissolve support
D3212: Multi object editing - edge dissolve support
D3211: Multi-Object-Editing : Support for Edge Dissolve
D3209: Edit Mesh: multi-object faces_shade_smooth support
D3210: Multi object editing - verticle dissolve support
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MESH_OT_extrude_region has already committed.

Any updates on my pending updated diff @ D3338 for MESH_OT_bridge_edge_loops?

Submitted a patch for MESH_OT_sort_elements:
Open question: Can the selected BMEditMeshes have different selectmodes? The current assumption is, that the selectmode is the same for all selected meshes in editmode.
If they can in fact be different, why? Isn't the mode something global in 2.8?

I was hoping to discuss this further with "D3456".

Oleg are those two different objects? If so I don't think it will work. You also cannot create edges or faces between different objects.

We could have a better error message here though.

Oleg (DotBow) added a comment.EditedOct 3 2018, 1:08 PM

Oleg are those two different objects? If so I don't think it will work. You also cannot create edges or faces between different objects.
We could have a better error message here though.

Yes, this is different objects (Multi-Object-Mode edit). I thought it should automatically join those objects together when use MESH_OT_bridge_edge_loops... Then maybe this tool simply should not be available when selecting components from two different objects?

You might want to bridge faces on several objects at a time. This works now.

Blender does not automatically join meshes if you try and do these kinds of operations. While it could be useful, it's also dangerous. You could accidentally completely screw up your scene or rig if we did this.

We should display better error messages if you try this, though, or present a popup that asks the user if they would like to join them.

Well, it's tricky to make a proper behavior on this. But user still expect 'auto join' in my opinion.
Thanx for explanation by the way!

Please don't use this task as a place for bug reports. In the future open a new report. Although this is not a crash, it is a feature considered done and then a valid bug (if the reporter went through the trouble of checking if the operator is marked as done). That said, William's explanation is point on, and the tool is behaving as designed.