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Multi-Object-Mode: EditMesh UV Tools
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Differential Revisions
D3658: Multi object support for UV live unwrap.
D3645: Multi object editing - UV_OT_stitch - add state save and load
D3561: Multi object editing - UV_OT_stitch
D3529: Multi object editing - MESH_OT_faces_mirror_uv
D3507: Multi object editing - UV_OT_export_layout (80%)
D3454: Multi object editing for UV_OT_lightmap_pack.
D3451: Multi object editing - UV_OT_follow_active_quads.
D3441: Multi object editing - UV_OT_remove_doubles
D3439: UV_OT_align and UV_OT_weld
D3416: UV_OT_circle_select for multiple objects in EditMode
D3424: Multi object editing - UV_OT_snap_selected
D3422: Multi object editing - UV_OT_snap_cursor
D3419: Multi object editing - UV_OT_seams_from_islands
D3417: Multi object editing - UV_OT_mark_seam
D3415: Multi object editing - UV_OT_minimize_stretch
D3406: Multi object editing - UV_OT_average_islands_scale
D3390: Multi object edit - UV_OT_pin
D3389: Multi object edit - UV_OT_select split
D3387: Multi object edit: UV_OT_select_less & UV_OT_select_more
D3378: Multi objects edit - UV_OT_smart_project
D3375: Multi-object edit - UV_OT_project_from_view - orthographic with bounds
D3369: Multi object editing - UV_OT_select_pinned.
D3346: Add multi-object mode for UV_OT_cube_project (T54645)
D3345: Add multi-object mode for UV_OT_cylinder_project (T54645)
D3344: Add multi-object mode for UV_OT_sphere_project (T54645)
D3343: Add multi-object mode for UV_OT_reset (T54645)
D3317: Add multi-object mode for UV_OT_reset, UV_OT_cube_project, UV_OT_cylinder_project, UV_OT_sphere_project

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