Cycles/Eevee texture nodes for modifiers, painting and more
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With Blender Internal being removed, we have an opportunity to support the same set of textures for Cycles, Eevee, modifiers, particles, painting, compositing, etc. So we plan to port the relevant Cycles / Eevee shader nodes to Blender C code, and make those the new texture nodes that can be used throughout Blender. Blender Internal textures can be removed then, and we can extend the Cycles / Eevee shader nodes to add any important missing features from them.

  • Some nodes like color ramps, RGB curves, and similar utilities are already there.
  • Texture nodes like image, noise, voronoi need to be ported.
  • Geometry, attribute and similar nodes as well. These are the most complicated since they access the mesh geometry.
  • Some nodes like BSDF, Mix Shader, Bevel, .. would not be supported.

Further we need a good UI for this in the texture properties.



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