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Move and share Eevee / Cycles render settings
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The new design for view layer dynamic overrides will likely remove scene.layer_properties where a lot of Eevee settings are stored now. Most likely we can store settings in scene.render instead, but this depends on the dynamic overrides design which is unclear still.

If we have to move settings, we can at the same time make sure the settings are shared with Cycles since we are moving them anyway. Some things that could be shared:

  • Lights without nodes, Eevee does not support light nodes currently
  • Light intensity differences
  • Material, world without nodes?
  • Depth of field
  • Motion blur
  • Film transparency
  • Color management settings on image texture node and image datablock
  • .. ?

The shared settings would be ones that affect the look, and not render quality / sampling settings. We will need version patching for backwards compatibility for Cycles, and maybe Eevee too.


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Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) triaged this task as Normal priority.

I dont know if it is allowed to ask questions here, so sorry in advance.

Regarding EEVEE and Cycles. Is it planed to use both engines at the same time/same viewport?
We use blender in our studio for realtime camera tracking, and would like to use eevee as preview,
but if cycles is needed we want to activate it as fast as possible.

So we would pause cycles over eevee and then resume cycles without loading all geo an tex everytime.
Like it was in 2.79 in old viewport.

Maybe a button for "Let geo and tex stay in ram(gpu)" would be awesome, if the above is not possible.


@Daniel Paul (DaPaulus) This is a bit off topic. And i'm personnally a bit reluctant to allow this because cycles and eevee do not share resources (mesh and texture data). So effectively using Eevee as background for Cycles would at least double the memory consumption and slow things down considerably.

But i think your concern is about cycles sync time so I'll let that to @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht).

Thanks Clément for your answer.

I am aware of that additional gpu memory needed, but the possibility would be nice :) @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)
Our Studio workstation has 4 GPUs so it also would be a good solution to load Eevee on the main (monitor connected) gpu and cycles runs on the other 3 gpus. Worked really good in 2.79

Thanks for your awesome work dudes!!!