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Letter 'S' with different meaning in different context cannot be used in a multi-lingual environment
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I encounter this instance:

#. :src: bpy.types.CompositorNodeColorMatte.color_saturation
#. :src: bpy.types.MocapConstraint.s_frame
msgid "S"
msgstr "Khởi Đầu" (Start)

in Motion Capture Constraint it stands for 'Start frame' (Khởi Đầu in Vietnamese), but in Composite Node Editor, node 'Color Key', it means 'Saturation' (Độ Bão Hòa in Vietnamese). They both MUST be separated. I believe in other languages they should use different words for both as well.

This is the screen of Motion Capture:

and this is the screen of Composite Node Editor, with 'Color Key' node loaded:

This is the screen of Composite Node Editor, with 'Color Key' node changed to Vietnamese, using the meaning of 'Start Frame' (Making no sense whatsoever):

Event Timeline

I include the .blend file to save someone the process of rigging and setting up to see the mocap 'Fixes'

If reviewer would like to re-create the example him/herself then follow the instruction in this series of tutorial videos ( and use this basic .blend file with no-bones, just the mesh:

with this BVH file:

To see the composite editor, pull the timeline window up, enlarging its area, press 'N' to close side menu on the right, click on the 'Compositing' icon (middle icon after the 'Node' in the menu bar below), click 'Use Nodes', then click (Add->Mattee->Color Key). Like this image:

Then go to 'File>User Preferences->System, click on 'International Fonts' to see dialog boxes below it, select 'Interface', then select a language of choice from the drop-down menu. Drag the User Preferences window out and you should see the effect. You might need to drop this Vietnamese translated '' file I created and place it under


Actually, I include the latest .blend file to help you, the loaded UI should have both windows opened to let you see the effects, all you need to do is to drop the '' file and change the language to 'Vietnamese' (Tiếng Việt) :

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bpy.types.MocapConstraint.s_frame Comes from an addon so not much we can do here. We can make color_saturation into its own context, but you will have to get the add-on developer to change bpy.types.MocapConstraint.s_frame

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