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COW Operators: Edit Armature
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See T54810 for more details


Prior to bb92edd1c802b521d766f46bf09b7e4b352f8398, it was impossible to test/work on any of these, as editmode bone drawing would not refresh at all when Copy on Write was enabled.

After this commit, all editbone operators should just work (COW isn't actually performed here now, since the edit bones list is just copied directly to the copies). Several of the operators have been tested (marked with *) and work fine, so we've marked all the others as working too. -- @Joshua Leung (aligorith) 2018/05/03


Edit Bone Operators:

  • ARMATURE_OT_bone_primitive_add (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_align
  • ARMATURE_OT_calculate_roll (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_roll_clear
  • ARMATURE_OT_switch_direction
  • ARMATURE_OT_subdivide
  • ARMATURE_OT_parent_set
  • ARMATURE_OT_parent_clear
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_all (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_mirror
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_more
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_less
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_hierarchy
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_linked
  • ARMATURE_OT_select_similar
  • ARMATURE_OT_shortest_path_pick
  • ARMATURE_OT_delete
  • ARMATURE_OT_dissolve
  • ARMATURE_OT_duplicate (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_symmetrize
  • ARMATURE_OT_extrude (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_hide (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_reveal (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_click_extrude (*)
  • ARMATURE_OT_fill
  • ARMATURE_OT_merge
  • ARMATURE_OT_separate
  • ARMATURE_OT_split
  • ARMATURE_OT_autoside_names
  • ARMATURE_OT_flip_names

TODO: These still need checking by hand, as they don't necessarily operate on editbones

  • ARMATURE_OT_layers_show_all
  • ARMATURE_OT_armature_layers - This updates as slowly with and without tweaks. But I've added an update tag for good measure
  • ARMATURE_OT_bone_layers

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