COW Operators: Transform
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editors/transform module

What to do
Each of the conversion functions for different types of data in transform_conversions.c need to be checked and/or converted to use evaluated data. The changes needed are not always immediately intuitive: In most cases, you need to read current values from evaluated copy (since animation is applied there), then allow writing (by setting pointers in the td structs) to the original data.

Example Commits


  • TRANSFORM_OT_transform
    • Transform Tools
      • ...
    • Modes
      • Object Mode
      • Pose Mode
      • Edit Mode: Mesh
      • Edit Mode: Armature
      • Edit Mode: Curves
      • Edit Mode: Grease Pencil (Todo for GP Branch only)
      • TexSpace
      • ...
  • TRANSFORM_OT_select_orientation
  • TRANSFORM_OT_create_orientation
  • TRANSFORM_OT_delete_orientation


To Do