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Rename lamp attribute "Energy"
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card
Macbook pro 2017

This is not an error. I want to suggest to rename Lamp attribute "Energy" to "Intensity", which corresponds to physical property in real life. I am a physicist and it really confuses me that the intensity of the light is named "energy" which relates to the color of the light.




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I am a newbie. I want to work on this bug. Where can I find the respective file for this bug. Please guide through my first bug. Thank you.

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Hi, while you are probably right and we love to hear these ideas, this is not the right place for them. This website is mainly used to track bug reports.
But luckly, there are some other nice solutions you can take, so please use one of the other forms of communication listed below:
Fun board mailing list:

@Tharun Ravuri (tharun_ravuri) : just to let you know could find it here

Archiving this though