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Active Tool Settings
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These is an overview of the tool settings for active tools.

Phase 1

We will start by testing the tool settings concept with these tools. These tools are our test bed:

Here's an unsorted list of tools with their respective tool settings:
There are more we want to add, but this is a start.



Curve Draw:





Box Select:

Polygon Draw:

Add Sphere:

Add Cylinder:

Add Monkey:

Add Cube:

  • When using 3D Cursor Plane, we display a transparent 'floor' perpendicular to the current 3D Cursor plane, which changes depending on the camera angle. The user drags on the plane to add the base of the cube, then drags up to set the height.
  • When using 3D Cursor, the user drags inside the view to add a cube using the 3D Cursor as a centre point. We then show a scale cage for resizing.
  • When using Normal Plane, the user can drag on any surface, and a cube is added on the surface, aligned to its normal. Using a modifier key can make it scale out from the point where the user drags from.



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William Reynish (billreynish) lowered the priority of this task from Needs Triage by Developer to Normal.Apr 26 2018, 7:13 PM
  • The extrude mockup should not have XYZ settings, tools must always be activated from the viewport, not the settings - and users will expect pressing these buttons to activate the tool.
  • Border select already has a shortcut to deselect. Having an option as well is a bit awkward internally since one shortcut selects, the other runs the same operator with deselect.

    To implement this we would need the operator to have an extra option to flip the action requested by the key shortcut.

    Gimp for eg doesn't have an option for this. Krita OTOH does, but it has more advanced options - see:

    We could do it like this:
    • Add an operation dropdwn (select/add/subtract/union-inner/union-outer) these are much better communicated via icons.
    • Add a (keyboard only) option to flip the current operation so users can always quickly flip the operation without accessing the toolsettings every time.

      This would apply to lasso too.

      Suggest to only display options for this if we have more advanced options too (which seems reasonable but is out of scope for the initial UI we're doing right now).

Selecting the objects completely within the trace, or partially within the selection stroke, is an option that I have always missed in Blender.
Autocad directly modifies this option depending on the direction in which the selection is made, from right to left or in the opposite direction. It is not intuitive but you adapt quickly.
Another useful option is face mode by selecting mesh or by face center.
I have also observed that in Blender Select Lasso uses the origin of the objects to make the selection while Border Select uses the mesh, could it be another option of the selection tool?

Will there be option for F6 floating menu? It is still a lot faster in my opinion.
I maped it to SHIFT+RMB and always have permanent access to tool settings under mouse cursor.

@William Reynish (billreynish) @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)

I am excited to see that the 3D cursor remained the same visually but is now 3D.
I saw the video with adding mesh.

I hope the same will be possible when placing objects meaning the object will be already rotated based on the 3D cursor orientation.

Great addition with the interactive primitive creation! Been whining for that for half a decade now :)

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) Check the feasibility of 2-click generation of the cube though. The 'one diagonal' paradigm for a 3D shape gives unpredictable results which you have to tweak afterwards.

Here is a recent addon for Blender, that generates fast (3-click) and quite precise primitives on-the-fly. Very eficiant and with good results, maybe you can use it for inspiration:

And here is mine, from couple of years ago. NP Station, float_box operator - 4-clicks, which enables numerical input for all dimensions. Snap is there too. It is in nightly builds and i waived all copyright in favor of B. Foundation:

Okavango: Thanks for the input, but we already know all these issues. The Add Cube tool is not finished yet. The way it is now, is just because it's half implemented. It was always meant to be a two-step drag and extrude operation. Probably we will indicate when the tools are working as intended. Cheers.

While this design task was useful starting out, some changes have since been made to the design so that it doesn't represent something exacting that can be used to develop.

Anything remaining from this tasks should be broken into smaller tasks - eg: T57220, T57234 (see parent task T54844)