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Command Settings Cleanup
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Blender has many settings that apply to commands. However, many of them are actually internal flags, and as such are not meant to be used by the end-user. We intend to clean this up. This document serves as an overview of the command settings we will remove from the user interface.

Text Objects


  • Remove completely. Don't allow redo. rBedf8bfe5fae179f0f0a6b5de43a96e0c926adae2

Paint/Sculpt Modes

Brush Select

Grease Pencil


  • Remove completely. Don't allow redo. rBc8865f2c40fbe81c660fc3c7b1676b51af20ebf5

Add Grease Pencil Modifier

  • Remove completely. Don’t allow redo.

Object Mode


Mesh Edit Mode

Set Selection Mode (1, 2, 3)



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Moved rotation XYZ axis to T55036
This is a bigger task and involves changing how rotation works internally, not so much settings cleanup.

Everything else on the list is done, closing.