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Demo mode setup screen with untranslated text
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There are two issues in this tasks.

(1) Untranslated texts
There a number of texts that are not translated in this screen. Marked RED. This includes the button text 'Demo Mode (Setup)' which has been marked YELLOW in error.

To open this screen, do the following:

  1. Open Blender.
  2. Turn on the 'System: demo mode' add-on. File->User Preferences->Add-on, search for 'demo' string. Make sure this option is turned on by open File menu. You should see two new menu items on the top
  3. Demo Mode (Setup)
  4. Demo Mode (Start)
  5. Change the system language to one of your choice. File->User Preferences->System, 'Internation Fonts', and select a language there. Turn on at least the 'Interface' option there by clicking on the first button (three in the group).
  6. File->Demo Mode (Setup)

(2) Adjective 'Normal' (non-mathematical meaning) (ie. regular)
The item marked YELLOW (Normal in English) is a part of the following list, options for the 'Display Size'

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large

This, to me, is a more serious issue with the current system of 'reusability' being employed. Someone will need to sit down to identify instances of adjective and noun and allocate a different context to them (I think). Currently I have to include BOTH meanings for the same word, but this method will STARTLE the users.

(3) This is a late notice. I found a misspelled word, 'Persitence of Vision' - it should be 'Persistence' I think, missing 's' after 'si'.



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I thought to include this problem here, rather than open another task, as it's also related to the untranslated text. This happens with 'Collada' export. There appear two more options added to this screen but they are NOT in the PO file. Just open Blender, the File->Export->Collada (Default) (.dae) and you should see it. They are marked red in the following image:

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@Hoang Duy Tran (hoangduytran) : thnx for finding all these instances.
I'll have a look together with the others (soonish) unless someone else wants to step in?

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Old task. Not sure on Translation status in Blender 2.8 or how addons are handled. Archiving.