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Eevee: Probe Cache System
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To improve the probe workflow we need to be able to bake scene lighting in a non obstructive, consistent and predictable manner.

For this we need a couple of things:

  • We need to decouple the probe rendering from the main rendering.
  • We need a cache interface that shows the cache state.
  • We need cache operators for baking, loading, saving the cache.
  • We need to invalidate the cache on specific scene changes.


To Do

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Ok initial implementation is working fine.

What still need to be done:

  • Auto Update (when moving probes)
  • Partial Auto Update (only recompute reflection probes when moving one of them)
  • Baking in render loop (with option to always recompute) : This might be tricky and may require multiple DRWManager which is not possible right now.
  • Support for dynamic lightprobes (always refreshing)
  • UI for indicating that the cache maybe obsolete.
  • Add quality option for baking
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