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Implement Multi-Object Properties Editing
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See parent task.

To sum up, this means

  • Invert the behaviour of the Alt key to make the Properties affect multiple objects. (No modifier = affect all selected. Hold Alt = Only active)
  • We already have a visual affordance when holding Alt to manipulate properties for multiple objects:

We should just show this while hovering (or even always) for all properties where this is supported.

That is actually all that's needed.


  • Implement relative value editing, using a symbol. Maybe =? Changing values to be three less could by typed as "=-3"

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Hey, maybe I missed a discussion about that already, but would it be possible to have something like Rusculleda proposed ? It makes it work more like a Pythonic way and makes more sense ? "+=2" is probably less confusing than "++2" right ?

And I have another question, removing the use of ALT to edit multiple objects properties, does it remove the ability to edit just the active object properties ?

Almost always, if you have more things selected, it's because you want to affect those things. If you select three items and hit Delete, those three items get deleted. It's not just the last one you clicked on. This is normal and expected, and why we even have a state of 'selected'. You want your changes to apply to those things.

If it's really needed to affect only one of the selected items, we could flip the Alt key, so Alt-clicking affects only the active object, but I don't even think it's necessary.

Changing values to be three less could by typed as "=-3"

I think Lucas is right that += and -= make the most sense here, since it's the way to do it in python. Even if users are not programmers, =-3 reads like it is literally setting things to -3, while -=3 gives a clue that something else is happening.

Right, I changed this proposal to use = a while ago.

Indeed, I think that's a great change. I was additionally suggesting that the equals comes after the operation sign instead of before so that it fits with convention. '+=' and '=+' have different meanings. But either way I'm super happy with multi-object editing being easier!

About Custom property . and UI panell generate by python,, is there chance to enhance it work so?

Eg,, now I have many custom properties slider as Panell, to animate rig bone , and shape keys. to animate easy, there are many case we hope to change value, with multi selection. It is not so difficult, to make list for all properties of panell, then edit values by python code. or set keys on current frame about each properties group .

but if blender offer more flexible panell UI for custom prop which user can multi select, with modifier keys,
and bpy offer "selected ID list (or dictionary) " for custom properties, maybe add on vendor can enhance function which only work for currently selected properties

How we know which Properties support multi-object editing? I didn't notice any flags indicating so or not

Currently it just attempts to alter all selected if alt was held down and might just silently fail doing that and just alter the active object.

But to invert this behavior and indicate the possibility before the attempt we have to know ahead of time...

This comment was removed by Harley Acheson (harley).

@Harley Acheson (harley) Correct. It needs to check in a different way I think. @Julian Eisel (Severin) any thoughts on how this could/should be done?

Every time I look through this it just makes it obvious that someone else (smarter) would have to do it. LOL.

To help in experimenting with the design, here is a template that can be mocked up with how you might like indication to work. Three rows, showing a single object selection, multiple object selection, and multiple while holding ALT to indicate intention to edit only the active object. For each there are two properties, one that is capable of editing multiple and the other not. And for each showing regular, hover, and active states.

Hello, Here are my two cents on the single/multi-objects Property Editting.

first io all I belive Blender should use the pivot point and Transform orientation choosen for the moving/rotating/scale

Then add the option Relative or absolute so it is clear to everyone using this,

Do not ust AlT shortcut, it is realy confusing for everyone.
We have to look on How to move multiple objects in blender it is very confusing.


I don't know if this is within the scope of this task, but currently, changing the "Blend Mode" under "Settings" for materials in Eevee doesn't work for multiple objects.

we can use spinner drag or increment for relative value change and enter value by keyboard for absolute value input

It doesn't look like anyone has pointed this out yet, but "+=" and "-+" will be familiar to Maya users, since Maya uses this syntax for its number entry (C-like). Also, Maya allows the ability to select and edit multiple number entry boxes at a time, even with copy and paste. One of the few features I like in Maya. Blender does this a little with the multiple-drag, but it's kinda tricky to get this to work consistently, since you have to be precise with the mouse movement.

I can't wait for this.
Multi-Object Properties Editing speeds users' work significantly,
so I wish it was always active everywhere,
Everything that is selected is edited in one operation. ❤