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FaceMaps Phase 1: bone selection & bone display
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The first phase of integrating the FaceMaps feature, is to make it work as an alternative way of displaying and selecting bones.

The user sets it up this way:

  • For each bone, we will have a display option called 'Face Map'. The user can enable it for all the bones he/she wants to use it
  • When enabled, it looks for Face Maps with the same name as the bone.

That's it. Users can then manipulate their rigs just like today, but bones will look as if you are selecting and manipulating the mesh itself.



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William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Normal priority.

Any chance you see that facemaps would be able to drive other types of properties via drivers or something without it going trough bones?
for instance i want to drive a shapekey, o i want to drive a property of a bone not the bone (like the curve options and te like)

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Even in that case there should be a bone in between the face and the shape key. There needs to be something that you can select/deselect along with all the other bones, and that indicates along which axis and how far it can/should be transformed.

If it's a new type of data to interact with that complicates things a lot, while being less flexible than bones. If usability is an issue it may be better to create an operator for easy set up of a shape key mapping.