Implement motion path drawing code in draw engine
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Motion path drawing code (drawanimviz.c) is not currently implemented in 2.8, meaning that old files with motion paths and/or files where motionpaths have been freshly calculated do not show up.

Branch / Current Code: tmp-b28-motionpath-drawing

Design Notes:

  • This should work as an overlay (visible in the overlays popover), so that it can be turned on/off independent of other stuff we draw in the viewport. It should not be tied to manipulator/relationship line visibility.
  • Motion paths work with both objects and bones. They can either be defined on Object Level (e.g. ob->mpath), or Bone Level (e.g. pchan->mpath)
  • The old drawing methods use immediate mode. Could/should be optimised.
  • Appearance could be updated a bit - for example, thicker/nicer line quality + shading, different ways of visualising the keyframe positions (e.g. with lines perpendicular to path - similar to what animators use for timing charts - [ 1, 2 ]


To Do
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Offloading to @Clément Foucault (fclem) who can probably do this faster, while I deal with nasty Copy-on-Write issues.

Current WIP code can be found in the tmp-b28-motionpath-drawing branch.

Please consider an option to offset the motion path!, example, i create a motion path on the head bone but i want to offset it to the forehead, or to the tip of the ear (which are directly moved by the head joing)

@Luciano Muñoz Sessarego (looch) That is a separate topic - Calculation of motion paths is not the same as the drawing code (which this task focusses on restoring).

Regarding what you're talking about - we have been discussing ideas for allowing calculation of paths for arbitrary geometry points instead of just objects/bones (e.g. using the derived center-of-gravity for a body part for instance). But, again, that's a separate topic, to be tackled separately/later once we get back basic functionality (with maybe a slight cosmetic upgrade).

oh cool, sorry for spamming the wrong thread, if you want to point me in the right direction it Id be happy to contribute :)

in regards to drawing, maybe there could be an option to randomize colors for them, so each new path gets a different color, though they should probably go in order, Ie, 1 gets red, the second one gets green, the third one gets blue and so on, much easier to see, and the thicknes definitelly should be like what in 2.79 wa 2 px or so.