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Tool shelf options don't cause re-execution sometimes (regression in undo system)
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System Information
Linux, Nvidia

Blender Version
Broken: current 2.7 master, revision d5c1c0b10d5
Worked: (optional) master revision 91d0825b5556 (on Mar 31, just before Unified Undo commit 651b8fb14eb6

With a certain simple .blend file created with current master, if you try to do a command like bevel and then adjust options on the tool shelf, those adjustments have no effect. It doesn't happen all the time (for instance, doesn't happen on default cube), but will happen with this file that I just created from master @ head. I created it by adding a cone, duplicating it in edit mode and moving the duplicate up some.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Load example file.
Hit control-B, move the cursor some to make a bevel, then lmb click.
On tool shelf, change segments to 2.
Expect: bevel re-executes and creates 2 segments.
What happens: nothing. (using debugger: bevel isn't ever called, so it seems that the operator is not executed)

It isn't just bevel. Another thing to try:
Load example file.
Spacebar search for Intersect (Boolean) and execute that.
On tool shelf, change "Boolean" drop-down to "Union".
Nothing happens.

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As a further note, this problem also appears to be in the 2.8 branch (using F6 to bring up tool settings after an initial bevel with control-B, and trying to change segments, on the example pp.blend file).

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