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Armature not properly detected as a user of animation actions
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System Information
Windows 10
GTX 1060

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79.3 Hash: b5b5260
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error
For this armature the action editor is broken (I can clone actions but can't create, push down, stash etc).
It seems as though it's behaving the same way as if I had nothing selected.
Every time I select an action in the action editor, it's number of users count increases by 1. This does not happen on non broken objects.

Clue: In the NLA editor, it seems as if the Armature is in tweak mode, but I can't get out of tweak mode.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

Open that blend file. Select the armature.
In the Action Editor, notice that the controls for create action, push down and stash are greyed out.

Select a different action in the action editor, select the previous action. Notice how the reference count increases.

Event Timeline

Not sure (yet) how you got there, but you are indeed in NLA tweakmode without a track/clip.

So I'll spend some more time trying to reproduce a way to get into this situation (if you know how you got there, please tell us)

For the time being, this can be easily fixed by selecting the Armature, going into the NLA editor and adding a clip there again (or just a track), like this:

IIRC, it can happen if you toggle the "Show Keys from Selected Channels" option in the Timeline. This was a bug fixed in master, but which never got backported to 2.79 a/b/c - the other devs were kindof against the idea of doing the DNA fixes needed to fix this (i.e. simply making sure we don't save wrong flags to wrong place).

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I guess we can archive this then (since it was fixed -- and we have a workaround for older versions...)

Fantastic stuff. Thanks everyone.