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Investigate why Spring rigs are broken in 2.8 with COW
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Task to keep track of all the issues that are currently causing issues with the Spring/Autumn blenrig rigs in 2.8 when using COW. Fixing these is important for getting the Spring team working in 2.8 next week.

Solved Issues

  • Hook modifier on lattices doesn't work [SOLVED - rBb6e3430417d] - This was causing problems on Spring's eyes, which are almost exclusively deformed using hook-deformed lattices.
  • Double transform when both Armature Modifier + Mesh Deform are enabled on GEO_body [SOLVED - rB6a4ba9133ce7 ] - This was caused by the mdef vgroup option (T55097)
    • eg. In 01_025: Autumn (dog) rig has parts of geometry running off into space (i.e. you get dog body with various bits - face/head + feet - trailing off miles away). Rig is proxified.
    • e.g. 01_020: Spring rig has similar problems as the dog in 01_025, except there are skin-colored spikes.
  • Custom bones were invisible in object mode (T55068)
  • "Wireframe" option for custom bone shapes is ignored - This breaks control widgets with custom shape (e.g. "box" around the branch, or pyramids on feet) [SOLVED - rB35a298db520]

Workarounds Possible

  • Dark parts of eyes not visible - This is necessary for animators to check eyelines/facial poses. (Compare: 2.8 -
    , master:
      • Probably cornea mesh is showing, due to drivers on "hide" properties no longer being able to work?
      • The cornea material should be marked/be set as "transparent"
      • Workaround: Use Mask Modifier instead to hide the geometry. (May need optimisations when all faces get removed)
    • Workaround/Proper Fix: Put objects to be hidden like this into a collection, and drive the visibility of that collection

Pending/Unresolved Issues

  • Evaluation/Editing Speed
    • Profiling suggests that the main costs are still just modifier evaluation (> 60%), particularly armature modifier (b-bone evaluation) and particles (perlin noise). COW related data copying and/or DM<->Mesh conversions were not major sources of speed issues.

Other Issues

  • PyController Removal + Drivers/Custom Properties Creation Script thing? - @Juan Pablo Bouza (jpbouza) reports that it shouldn't be an issue. To be confirmed?

To be checked:

  • Are there any other issues with Proxy-based workflow (apart from T55076)
  • Are any other parts of the rigs broken, apart from the obvious glitches above?



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Joshua Leung (aligorith) triaged this task as Confirmed, High priority.

Regarding PyController Removal + Drivers/Custom Properties Creation Script thing , even though the rig works without it, I realized that the animations in 2.79 are keying these api defined properties, so I should add the script with the drivers trick anyway so that animations work properly.

Profiling suggests that the main costs are still just modifier evaluation (> 60%)

Which revision was used for profiling?

@Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) Didn't note the exact revision, but it one from was Monday (14 May) afternoon, (from around 4-5:30pm). I should probably run it again (maybe daily) to check if things have changed with the DM/modifier cleanups since.

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Joshua Leung (aligorith) updated the task description. (Show Details)
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