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Workbench: LookDev
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Add a new pass in eevee

this pass will render a number of spheres

  • uses DRW_viewport_matrix_override_set to set the camera to a default location
  • uses a copy of the DefaultLitPass to render the 2 spheres + color palette
  • uses backculling so no depth check is needed.
  • render it during fx (or after)
  • use GPU_framebuffer_viewport_set to render the spheres in the corner
  • before rendering set num_lights to 0 so no shadows and lights are calculated during this call.


  • when pressing N and transparency is turned on, the lookdev balls should slide with the sidebar
  • rendering the background should be an option
  • option to disable the lights completely
  • default diffuse ball should be less shiny


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Amazing feature, thanks. I noticed only HDR is working for the time being. Will we be able to use EXR images as well?

Could be nice to be able to:

  • Have unlimited rotation (and a key to not have to go in the popover to rotate the light)
  • Have a blur setting
  • Have a strength setting since it's not the HDRI map from the environment tab. (maybe use the render HDRI if scene light is activated and the studio HDRI when it's disabled)
  • Have a better map to test because the current one is really bad ^^
Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) closed this task as Resolved.Jun 4 2018, 10:25 AM

Hi guys,

Why do we have so much difference between lookdev and eevee?

With a simple HDRI map, the result should be the same.