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Crash on exporting collada .dae after windows 10 update?
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System Information
Windows 10 version 1803

Blender Version
Broken: 2.79a, 2.79b

Short description of error
day ago exporting to collada worked, after windows update it crashing blender

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Export to collada anything

I'm not sure what happened, but day ago i have exported several meshes. After installing "Security update for adobe flash player" exporting anyting to collada crashing the program (Also update resetted audio input devices a bit and microphone did not work, but i fixed that). If i run blender in colsole and try to export object or nothing in my root directory "D:\" or any other, after crash i see message "Unrecognized Exception". In the directory i see my empty file. Also in the "D:\tmp\" exists some empty folders with names "blender_a*" like "blender_a01188" or "blender_a05100" etc. I have tried to reinstall Blender to newest version, fully reinstall, deleting user data from AppData, but nothing happened. Other exports like .obj, .fbx, .abc works. Friend with Blender 2.79a without updating windown can export to collada. Seems i have very strange system error, but not sure why only collada.



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You got a message to update Flash, are you sure you didn't download a virus or malware instead (there's been plenty of cases where the update prompt is bogus and not from Adobe)?

Scan your computer using an AV or anti-malware program and see if you find anything.

That was not message, that is a name of windows update fix. I did not download something, just click update button in my windows update center. Also have check system with antivirus and SpyHunter4. Found only one questionable cookie

I deleted an update and reinstall microsoft visual c++ redistributable 2010, but export still dont work. Where i can find detailed crash log, the last time I did not found it using google

Default exporter does not work, BUT Avastar addon exporting meshes without crash

@Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) : avastar is using it's own (python) implementation, right? Have another idea?

@Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) Yes, Avastar has its own exporter. But the Avastar exporter only supports a very small subset of the collada format. However i am not aware of crashes with the Blender Collada exporter. It should at least report an error message on the blender console when it fails.
@Sergey (Datel) : Please can you provide an example of a blend file that you can not export with the default Exporter? Then maybe we can solve this issue.

Sorry for long delay. I said that collada export crashing blender with anything, even i try to export default cube or empty scene, in my case. Console crashing with "Unrecognized Exception" as i said too


I personally can not yet test with Windows-10 but another user has confirmed that the Collada exporter works with Blender 2.79 on Windows-10. So currently your issue can not be reproduced.

  • Can you test on another windows-10 computer?
  • Can you find others who have the same problem?
  • Can you get a crash log?

To get more crash information you maybe can start blender from a command line:

blender.exe --debug

or RMB on the Blender Icon then navigate into

properties -> shortcut tab -> Target field

and add --debug to the end of the field

I cant test it on another windows 10 computer, for some reason people dont updating their windows for lastest version. I saw something like this problem in topics of about 2010 year, but not sure is it the same. I dont really know where is my crash log. I can provide screenshot of powershell (or console) where i try to export empty scene without selected objects

Please try:

  • Disable all addons
  • Save user preferences
  • Restart Blender
  • Try the Collada export again

If this still gives you crashes, then try the Blender Factory Setting:

  • File -> Load Factory settings
  • Try the Collada export again

If the Collada export works with all Addons disabled or with the Factory settings, then enable the Addons one by one and after each enabling repeat the test again until Blender crashes. the last Addon that you enabled before you see the Crash is the most probable cause for your problem.

Hint: If you have created a Startpage with an Avastar character in it, then you might step into some pitfalls depending on the exact version of Avastar. We had issues with this situation in the past. I am not sure if this can actually lead to Blender Crashes (hopefully not) but who knows.

I already tried it, as i said in first message. Disable everything, restore user settings. I also reinstall blender deleting all user settings from AppData

  1. Your screenshot indicates that at least the Avastar Addon is running.
  2. And what is "measurit: Imported multifiles" ?

All i can think of at this moment is that you try again:

  1. File -> Load Factory Settings
  2. File -> Export -> Collada (Default)

If this does crash Blender then something is broken in your computer. Because this seems to work for other Windows-10 users.

However if the export works with the factory settings then we have at least a starting point from where we can inspect further what is going on.

I tested it not right now. But i resave user settings to factory settings, open blender in debug mode and export nothing

Export does not work anyway. And seems something wrong here on my computer

It was mistake with wrong screenshot, but anyway. I turned off all addons and export nothing again

Then it indeed seems like something has gone wrong on your windows update.

One last thing: Maybe you try to export to a folder that is write protected? I recall there was an issue when i tried to export to C:/whatever.dae for example. It also could be related to UTF-8 issues (again)

However if it eventually turns out to be a collada issue, i promise that it will be fixed.

I tried to export in root directory of both disks, in any case of export it creates empty file and crash blender. Not sure that it is collada issue, but all other formats to export works fine. Maaaybe collada using some dll which have been changed by windows

Normally blender becomes very verbose when it breaks something. If you could get a crash log we could get a better info about where blender fails exactly.

One problem, seems no one can explain where it is

As far as i know:

  • When you start blender from a command window, then a crash log will appear in that window and you can copy/paste
  • When you start blender from the Blender Icon, then a crash log appears in the Blender console, but after the crashlog was dumped, the console is closed. So you do not see the crashlog

Well, if it is the only one full log, then we have already seen it on screenshot. I have no more information about this

Bastien Montagne (mont29) closed this task as Archived.

I’m sorry, but we cannot investigate an issue we cannot reproduce, so will archive this report until someone can give enough elements to consistently reproduce it. Thanks for the report anyway.