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Shortcut Keys Changed in 2.8x
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This task is to track changes in the keymap for Blender 2.8,

Note this not a task for discussion (see: T55162). This is only to keep track of changes made in 2.8x.


Here is a list of the main changes to know when moving to 2.8.

  • Tab: Edit-mode toggle.
  • Ctrl-Tab: mode switching pie menu (toggles pose mode for armatures).
  • F1: Help (context sensitive)
  • F2: File Context menu.
  • F3: Search (Cmd-f on macOS)
  • F4: Window Context menu.
  • F5..F10 are reserved for user actions.
  • 1..3, Shift-1..3 (expend), Ctrl-1..3 (expand): Edit mesh vertex/edge/face toggle.
  • A: Select All
  • Alt-A: Select None
  • DoubleClick-A Select Toggle
  • Ctrl-Shift-Space: Playback animation (reverse).
  • Ctrl-Space: Toggle Maximize Area
  • Ctrl-Alt-Space: Toggle Fullscreen Area
  • Ctrl-PageUp/Down: Next/Prev workspace
  • AccentGrave: 3D view pie menu.
  • Ctrl-AccentGrave: Toggle manipulator.
  • Shift-AccentGrave: Fly-mode.
  • Shift-N: Recalculate Normals/Curve-Handles
  • Space: User configurable.
    • Play: Toggle animation playback.
    • Tools: Tool switching with hotkeys (Shift-Space for play).
    • Search: Search for actions (Shift-Space for play).

Screen Keymaps


  • Global
    • Q: Quick Favorites Menu T55027
    • F1: Help (Context sensitive)
    • F2: File Context Menu.
    • F3: Operator Search (also Cmd-F on macos).
    • F4: Window Context Menu.
  • 3D View
    • AccentGrave: View axis pie menu.
    • Alt-MMB(Drag): Relative view axis switching
    • Alt-MMB(Click): Center on the mouse cursor.

      Note: this is a productivity feature for experienced users, intended as a fast alternative to the view manipulator or num-pad.
    • Z: Shading modes pie menu.
    • Alt-Z: Toggle x-ray.
    • Shift-Z: Toggle wire-frame.
    • Alt-Shift-Z: Toggle overlay.
    • Edit Mode: Mesh
      • Alt-N: Flip normals

        (no longer available in context menu, mesh -> normals can be used but isn't as convenient)
  • Dope Sheet Editor
    • Ctrl-Home: Set start frame.
    • Ctrl-End: Set end frame.
    • Ctrl-Tab: switch to FCurve editor.
  • Graph Editor
    • Ctrl-Tab: switch to Graph editor.


  • Global
    • Ctrl-Up (Toggle fullscreen), Use Ctrl-Space.
    • Ctrl-Down (Toggle fullscreen), Use Ctrl-Space.
    • Alt-Wheel (Frame offset), use Left/Right.
  • Grease Pencil
    • D-* (All keys that use the D-Key as a modifier) NO REPLACEMENT.

      (updated to use tool-system, full grease pencil support has it's own modes).
  • 3D View
    • Global Keys
      • Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_pan) NO REPLACEMENT.
      • Ctrl-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_pan) NO REPLACEMENT.
      • Alt-Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit) NO REPLACEMENT.
      • Ctrl-Shift-Wheel (VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit) NO REPLACEMENT.
      • Shift-Z (VIEW3D_OT_toggle_shading, RENDER), use Z pie menu.
      • Alt-Z (VIEW3D_OT_toggle_shading, MATERIAL), use Z pie menu.
    • Object Mode
      • Ctrl-T Make Track NO REPLACEMENT (use Object menu).
      • Alt-T Clear Track NO REPLACEMENT (use Object menu).
    • Grease Pencil Editing
      • 0..9 (GPENCIL_OT_brush_select) NO REPLACEMENT.
    • Sculpt Mode
      • 0..9 (BRUSH_OT_active_index_set) NO REPLACEMENT.
    • Vertex Paint
      • 0..9 (BRUSH_OT_active_index_set) NO REPLACEMENT.
    • Weight Paint
      • 0..9 (BRUSH_OT_active_index_set) NO REPLACEMENT.
    • Texture Paint
      • 0..9 (BRUSH_OT_active_index_set) NO REPLACEMENT.


  • Global
    • Spacebar (operator search menu toolbar popup). Use F3.
    • Alt-F10 (toggle fullscreen area). Use Ctrl-Alt-Space.
    • Alt-A: (toggle animation playback). Use Shift-Spacebar
    • Alt-F (VIEW3D_OT_view_center_pick). See Alt-MMB shortcuts.
  • 3D View
    • General
      • Shift-F: Fly/Walk Mode (Use Shift-AccentGrave)
      • Ctrl-Space: Toggle Manipulator, (Use Ctrl-AccentGrave)
      • , and . are now orientation and pivot pie menus.
      • Z: Toggle wire-frame shading (Use Shift-Z).
    • Object Mode
      • Ctrl-Tab (Pose Mode / Weight Paint). Use Ctrl-Tab (Opens pie-menu or toggles pose mode for armatures).
      • V (Vertex Paint Mode). Use Ctrl-Tab (pie menu).
    • Edit Mode: Mesh
      • Ctrl-Tab (Select Mode), Use 1..3 (new edit-mode key).
      • Ctrl-N: Recalculate normals (Use Shift-N)
    • Weight Paint
      • W: Adjust weight (Use Ctrl-F).
  • Image Space
    • UV Edit
      • W (Weld), Use Shift-W (make room for W-key context menu).
      • F3 (Save As), Use Shift-S (make room for F3 search).



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Yo @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) it seems like Blender User pref is hidden, we cannot access it. Has the key-combo changed, or?

Yo @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) it seems like Blender User pref is hidden, we cannot access it. Has the key-combo changed, or?

It's available from the edit-menu.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) please consider adding a fast acess global checkbox to change all select-all keymaps to toggle, I really love the toggle mode but there are too many keymaps on the input settings and I could't get to revert the changes by myself.

I feel really weird modeling in blender because I use “A” a lot to DESELECT things, when was the last time you needed to select ALL, most of the time we DE-select All

Thats why I think we need to invert the Alt+A and A functions. A should be for deselection and Alt+A for selection.even if weird using Alt for a kind of opposite purpose it is at least for me the best… for our finger joints.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton)

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) I think Ctrl-Shift-Tab (Snap Element Menu) is actually back. And "toggle fullscreen area). Use Ctrl-Alt-Space" I think is not yet implemented

@Tomas (Rusculleda), Corrected first issue, Ctrl-Alt-Space works here.

Tomas (Rusculleda) added a comment.EditedNov 21 2018, 11:36 AM

Were the view orbit shortcuts (shift+alt+mmb up/down and ctrl+alt+mmb up/down) changed or eliminated? They're not working here and I can't find them in input preferences.

Hope I'm not being annoying but in case it helps, I also noticed Alt + Wheel is no longer assigned to frame offset.

@Tomas (Rusculleda) not at all, thanks for the pointing this out, updated.

Hi Campbell,

Control + ` (Accent Grave) doesn't seem to work in Blender macOS. Pressing the Accent Grave key without Control for view selection does work.



I can confirm the above comment, the key combo is good but actually I think the problem might be the manipulator is missing ing macOS - its been missing for a while in 2.8 (kind of assumed it was by design) - even changing the toggle to something simple e.g shift+h there is still no toggling of a manipulator.

AccentGrave: 3D view pie menu. works correctly
Ctrl-AccentGrave: Toggle manipulator. nothing happens
Shift-AccentGrave: Fly-mode. works correctly

macOS 10.14.1 here.

Could you try this with the 'Transform' tool active? (This should toggle on/off).

Toggles 3d view option: Overlay -> Active Tool

Yes, that works. I didn't know that the gizmo is only visible when the Transform tool is activated. Is there also a direct keyboard shortcut for the Transform tool, in stead of Spacebar and then the T key?


@Metin Seven (MetinSeven), no, but you can press Space-T in the same way you'd press Ctrl-T or similar bindings.

Good to know, thanks, and keep up the good work. 👍

Could you try this with the 'Transform' tool active? (This should toggle on/off).

Toggles 3d view option: Overlay -> Active Tool

Yup that does work so yup - so there will be no 'Select' Manipulator anymore? just the free grabbing - pretty sure I can get used to it quite fast.

please dont use accents and tildes as shortcuts because in some languages this are dead keys.

please dont use accents and tildes as shortcuts because in some languages this are dead keys.

Though at some point I asked for something similar, now I don't belive not using those keys is the best solution, as some of those keys are positioned quite handily, and using only keys available in every keyboard layout would be limiting. I'm thinking maybe a better solution would be to have community maintained keboard presets which adapt the oficial keymap to the different layouts. For example, with spanish keyboards, blender takes the ñ key for the tilde shortcuts, and the question marks keys for the square brakets shortcuts. When I install blender on a new computer I usually change those shortcuts for more accesible keys (if posible, to the keys that lie on the position the oirginal shortcut key is suposed to be). If this kinds of adaptations were shared and made easily available I think we would be fine.

hi Tomas, that would be pretty cool, i also have some custom shortcuts on the 2.79 version, but i'm trying out the defaults in this one and i'm adapting faster than i thought (muscle memory still plays some tricks on me), i've only alter the spacebar behavior, because F3 is too far away (i wouldn't change it if i had an equivalent to mac users with their cmd-f, lucky bastards!). My point about the keys is that, they should just work out of the box, i know i can remap them, but not everyone will manage to get there (the input preferences is massive) and i understand your point about handy position on the keyboard layout, but we are trading handy position of shortcuts by broken shortcuts (if you use the defaults).

I need to remove Context menu on right click and replace it with Pan view while left click select option turned on.
How is it possible to do?

I need to reproduce such behaviour

Found, it called "Call Menu" operator

Another issue with Pan view on right mouse setup - cancelling any kind of action with RMB causes immediate panning instead of just cancelling.
Looks like conflict with Transform modal map.

UPD Seems to be fixed, rebuilding keymap from factory settings

Hi folks,

Since Normal Editing is going to be the next big thing in Blender I would like to propose to:

Have alt+n to have the mesh>normal menu or
giving the normal menu in special menu set
only in edit mode

Also if possible to call auto smooth operation from mesh>normal menu would make it easier for normal editing. (Edit:: Seems it's not a op. But may merge with mesh option instead)


Node Editor's Cut Link default Key Tweak+Right+Any conflicts with Lazy connect. If we give Lazy connect to use left mouse key then Blender freezes...

The viable solution I am having without any conflict is to give Cut Links : Tweak+Left+Any

Thank you for keeping transform modal map for knife tool, it helps a lot!
Everything is working about pan on RMB)

But there is still no way to set object.material_slot_assign through GUI - button rejects any shortcuts assignation (it is Shift+X in my case) - useful for assigning materials at fullscreen

It seems there is no ability to assign shortcut to shading.color_type, for quick switching to "textures" mode and back to "material" during UV unwrapping.
It is quite essential, because checker texture disguises geometry, so the only way to work with UV is quick switching to textured mode to preview and then back to shaded to provide selections and operations.

Also, manual switching "Shading" button is deep right, so there are no way to keep tools on left side of bar and shading button on screen simultaneously in UV Editing workspace.
So, shortcut is needed.
I used to use alt+Z, it was very handy for such purposes.

UPD: Solved

Temporary assigned to Alt+X
Keymap - 3DView - 3DView (Global)
Operator = wm.context_toggle_enum
Context = space_data.shading.color_type

What about Alt + F11 that toggles Blender instance full-screen in Blender 2.79b? Will there be a replacement?

Question: on 2.79 to use the pie menus for translate, rotate and scale, we used the CTRL+SPACEBAR...
Is the pie menu for manipulators going to be replaced by some other keyboard command?

Current shortcut "Toggle full screen" could come handy once or twice during a 2 hour session of use on Blender,
but CTRL+SPACEBAR for manipulators, comes in handy every 50 seconds in the same 2 hour period.

Please reconsider adding this toggle manipulators (translate, rotate, scale) back into 2.8: it is a spine into modeling.

@David (activemotionpictures) As noted in the changes: Ctrl-AccentGrave: Toggle manipulator.

the AccentGrave (') is not accessible on a german-keyboard-layout to be used as a shortcut.. it's hidden behind Shift+# and in the place were the AccentGrave sits on an US-Layout, the german-layout has a degree sign (°)

the following shortcuts are affected and thus inaccessible:

  • AccentGrave: 3D view pie menu.
  • Ctrl-AccentGrave: Toggle manipulator.
  • Shift-AccentGrave: Fly-mode.

if I switch to an US-keyboard-layout it triggers all the right menus/actions, but of cause it is really impractical to switch keyboard layouts just to have basic shortcuts working, plus it is super confusing.

Would it be possible to let blender know which keyboard-layout one is using and switch the AccentGrave to the according Button on each international-keyboard-layout or have a fast toggle in the splash screen for which key-binding we would like to use for the above actions. So e.g. german-keyboard-users could easily switch to use the degree sign instead.

It seems important to me that at least the basic shortcuts should work in any international keyboard-layout.

On a side node: I really miss the shortcut to open the user-preferences > I often just want to toggle some small settings on or off while working on a project.. Is there any particular reason that this shortcut was removed?

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) I m in love with the ctrl+tab in the graph editor-> dope sheet and vice versa. I don't know how long it had been like this. Thanks you very much :)