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Pose library addon not working
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The addon doesn't seem to apply poses.

  • Apply Pose is broken
  • Mix Pose is semi broken (original value is slightly wrong)



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This is a blocking issue for Spring animators - particularly as @Hjalti Hjálmarsson (hjalti) needs it to do facial animation soon.

Checking the code, the addon needs to be modified to read the original pose from evaluated data (e.g. context.depsgraph.id_eval_get()). Most likely, we should just modify get_current_pose() (or the store_bone()) inside it.

This is not (just) an issue with the add-on; applying a pose from a pose library (which is built-in Blender functionality) also doesn't work with CoW.

The add-on seems to work fine when there is no animation data on the armature object (useless for production, I know). The problem seems to be in the application of a pose on top of an already-animated armature, which is what Sergey is working on now.

Yup, it's solved by Sergey's introduction of the active depsgraph.

Hello Sybren and Hjalti, you say it's fixed by D3448, but so far I've been trying to install it for 3 days, tried to place it in the addons folder direclty, ... with 2.80 and I just get an error: check console. ( I don't manage to open the console like we used to in passed versions ), so if I check the python console, there's no error message. I've been trying other alternatives, Pose Tools addon, and the other version of this addon by Jasper before Sybren adapted it to EEVEE, but nothing seems to work. I checked the video of Pablo and Hjalti but that was before the beta version, and it seemed to work fine. So, could you please point me out to the correct version that works with 2.8, please.

this is still bugged.

"So when you guys use pose library on blender 2.8 does everything work ok or its bugged? Because I select all the bones I create a new pose, I change the pose then try to apply the pose that was storaged and he only applies to 1 controller. And I saved with all controllers selected and I apply with all controllers selected"

Please create a new report if you think you found a bug, it's unlikely to have the same cause as this old report.