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Built-In Assets
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This document contains a list of the built-in assets we would like to include with Blender 2.8.

When we have the list nailed down, we will do a community call for assets, so that we can go ahead and collect high quality assets.


Here are a few reasons why we want to include some built-in assets with Blender:

  • It makes creating content faster if you don't always have to start from zero
  • In music terms, assets serve as a 'backup band' for the areas the user is not focusing on. Animators can start animating quicker, and modelers can preview with quality HDRIs.
  • It makes it easier to learn if you can pick apart well-made assets, or if you can start by using assets as building blocks.

What about Blender Cloud & Custom Assets?

The built-in assets are meant to be a basic set of building blocks to get started, and not be a full blown asset library with thousands of large textures and heavy models.

The Blender Cloud will continue to serve as a full asset bank, and of course users can create and save their own assets too.


For inclusion in Blender, assets will have to meet some requirements:


We will only accept CC-0 licensed assets. These assets will be modified by users and used for real work. Therefore, we cannot expect users to credit the asset creators for these things. By submitting an asset, you must specify a CC-0 license for it to be useable as a built-in asset.

File size

Since they will be built in, we want to keep the file size of the assets small. We plan on allocating 100mb of storage for this in total. In order to stay under this, built-in assets will have to only make use of small, lightweight textures, and meshes will have to be light.

We will flesh out this section to be more precise

Asset Categories

  • Materials
    • Car paint
    • Hair & Fur
      • Human Long Hair
      • Human Short Hair
      • Human Beard
      • Dog Fur
      • Cat Fur
    • Skin
      • Human Skin (Various skin colors)
    • Clay
    • Rubber
    • Wax
    • Cloth
    • Ice
    • Food
      • Milk
      • Fruit
    • Plastic
      • Transparent plastic
      • PVC
    • Water
      • Ocean
      • Pond
      • Tap Water
    • Glass prism
      • Architectural Glass
      • Prism Glass
      • Frosted Glass
    • Foiliage
      • Leaves
      • Grass
    • Wood
      • Wooden floor
      • Rough wood
      • Bark
    • Metals
      • Aluminum
      • Steel
      • Brushed Steel
      • Brass
      • Cast Iron
      • Rust
      • Gold
      • Silver
    • NPR
      • Toon Shader
    • Volume
      • Clouds
      • Cheese
      • Mist
      • Fire
      • Smoke
    • Grease Pencil
      • Cross-hatching fill pattern
      • Rough paper fill
      • Halftone dot fill pattern
      • Rough painted line
  • HDRIs
    • Outside
      • Sunny
      • Overcast
      • Sundown
  • Textures
    • Procedural
      • Brick Wall
      • Grid Floor
      • Marble
      • Wood
  • Indoor
    • Living Room
  • Studio
    • Studio lighting Setup 1
    • Studio lighting Setup 2
    • Studio lighting Setup 3
  • Objects (Perhaps distributed as Collections?)
    • Lights
      • Studio Lamp
      • Light Bulb
  • Meshes
    • Humanoid Base meshes
      • Human head for sculpting
      • Human male for sculpting
      • Human female for sculpting
    • Basic Furniture
      • Table,
      • Chair
      • Lamp
      • Sofa
      • Door
      • Window
  • Rigs
    • Fully rigged, easy to use, low poly character for learning animation, with simple facial controls
    • Rigged bouncing ball with tail for learning animation



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William Reynish (billreynish) updated the task description. (Show Details)
William Reynish (billreynish) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.
William Reynish (billreynish) lowered the priority of this task from Confirmed, Medium to Normal.

I think that one of the included material preset should be thin, translucent foliage for materials such as tree leaves and grass blades (almost no high poly tree models have leaf meshes with thickness, otherwise it would be ridiculously highpoly model).

Currently, Fresnel node is implemented in a very problematic way which makes thin material backfaces appear pretty much metallic, and it requires a ridiculous workaround that pretty much no one without a quite advanced understanding of raytracing renderer theory can figure out and pull off correctly:

I would be very surprised if there were more than 5% of Blender Cycles users who know how to get a thin, double sided translucent material setup right, given how overcomplicated this is.

Principled shader does not cover this as it implements SSS mode which requires some thickness (enter and exit) to calculate SSS effect.

Some details to iron out:

  • Who manages this? (we should have a lead for the task)
  • Where will this be hosted? (It's own subversion repository? - or use "lib/resources"... or something else?)
  • How to structure this? (one blend for all assets, split them all into single files?)
  • Does this rely on depend on having a working asset manager?, or can we do this without one?
  • Will this be included in daily builds?
  • Will we have a light version of Blender w/o these assets?
  • Will materials need to be made for both EEVEE and Cycles?

I think this is a good idea, but please don't include this with blender. This should be optional, and the assets should be bundled by category:

  • Materials (Eevee, Cycles, NPR, Greese Pencil, etc.)
  • Models
  • Rigs
  • Animations
  • Greese Pencil
  • etc.

This should be updated for every Version of Blender to be compatible. For example rigs are often outdated.

I don't know about:

  • Cow Skin (should be fur? who needs this?)
  • Wood, Bark is diffucult, because there are so many tree types and therefore wood, bark and leafs...
  • Riggs (we have addons for that, right?)
  • Volume Cheese?

How about:

  • Ice
  • Skin tones, hair colors
  • Tiny meshes for use as kit-bash objects (time consuming to make, but very useful)
  • Libraries for everyday objects (cups, tables, chairs, lamps, tools, gear, etc.)
  • High quality (32bit) sclulpt textures, landscape textures
  • More Brushes (paint, sculpt, greese pencil)
  • Default low poly, high poly human rigged characters: businessman, sportsman, children, blue colar, etc. (useful for many projects, should be easy to customize to make variantions)

Campbell: I'll attempt to answer your questions, from the perspective of what I think we collectively agreed during the Code Quest.

Who manages this?
I imagine the task of setting up and managing a call for content will be managed by Pablo Vasquez and myself, just as we did for Matcaps. We still value input, of course. The Asset Manager + Browser is a separate task, though, which I think was a job for Bastian?

Where will this be hosted? (It's own subversion repository? - or use "lib/resources"... or something else?)
Same as matcaps?

How to structure this? (one blend for all assets, split them all into single files?)
Depends somewhat on exact implementation. Single asset per .blend is easiest for us, as well as users, to manage. That way we can just replace one file to replace one asset.

Does this rely on depend on having a working asset manager?, or can we do this without one?
The call for content can be done without, but we should wait with including them until we have the Asset Manager included. Otherwise, we have no way to browse them, which largely defeats the purpose.

Will this be included in daily builds?
I imagine so. I suppose we could have some sort of build flag to not include them for certain builds if we want to.

Will we have a light version of Blender w/o these assets?
Hopefully this would not be necessary, as we can make sure they are quite small. On the Blender Cloud, we can have a more extensive list of large assets.

Will materials need to be made for both EEVEE and Cycles?
Yes, I think we should require that they work for both, now that they are largely compatible. We should take advantage of this fact.