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Add-Ons in user preferences not populating add on list.. (Add-ons previously Enabled still work, cant install new add ons/cant activate)
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windows operating system

Blender Version

Short description of error
User Preferences not listing *ANY* add-ons, all other tabs showing correct information... the list of add-ons that contains the enable/disable feature is not populating for some reason. . non zero nada.. nothing.. i have several already activated such as the make human ones (Make clothes, make targets) which still work fine.. its just impossible to install new 1's because if i did install them i couldnt activate them...

How i got here
I was trying to install some new addons, and i was a little rusty i guess and didnt move them to my scripts folder (not even sure that you still have to do that in 2.79 but anyways) after getting an error that they wasnt in the right folder or something (i didnt spend the time to read the error assumed i probably clicked the wrong file) i tried again.. getting another error.. i assumed again (Assumption is the mother of all f-ups).. getting another error.. my add-ons tab was just blank.. so i assumed yet again i could just close out blender re open and everything be fine, but thats not the case i redownloaded blender to just make a new blender just for specific add ons but it only gives me the option to repair or unistall.. not to install a seperate working version.. the repair option does not repair the problem..

Everytime i try to search yahoo/google i keep getting the same crap.. that people cant install a certain add on or an add on in general that is NOT the problem.. the problem is my add-ons TAB is not listing any add-ons and it used to have 20 or more.. some activated some not.. all previous ones enabled are working.. ones not activated do not show up, and there is no current way to activate or deactivate an add on
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on a (as simple as possible) attached .blend file with minimum amount of steps



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The issue arises if an add-on has an error during the listing. For instance, some information is missing like add-on name.

Can you please run Blender from the command line with the -d parameter or toggle system console from the Help menu and post what the error is?

Some how - to run blender from the command line on Windows:

Running from command line is not difficult. Open the start menu on windows and type cmd. The first result should be cmd - press enter.
This opens a window with the command prompt.

To navigate:
A simple way of doing things is:
Open your file manager and find Blender install folder. On the top bar that shows you the folder path right click and select Copy Address.
Now you have copied the path to blender.
Let's say the install is on drive D: in a folder Programs\Blender the path will look like D:\Programs\Blender
Go back to the opened command line and type cd followed by a space and right click in the console and select paste from the menu. Press enter.
Now the only thing remaining is to change the drive letter if needed.
You do that by typing in this case D: and enter.
Now the console says D:\Programs\Blender>. This means that you're on the right path:)

To get the general idea:
Drive letter with : changes the active drive (C: will go to the C drive, D: to the D: drive, E: to the E drive - you get the gist)
cd path to a folder changes the active location to the directory ( in this case cd D:\Programs\Blender). If you are already on the right drive you can just type cd Programs\Blender

Now, to run blender from the console just with the right path set, type blender -d and press enter. Blender will print all the errors inside the command line and if crashed the window will be still open.
To copy the output from the command line window, just right click inside the console, choose select all and press Enter. The whole console prints is copied and you just open Notepad or any other text editor and copy save it as a text file.
To upload the text file here, drag and drop the whole .txt file into the comment field ( do not paste it's contents directly in the comment field it is difficult to read and breaks up the formatting).

For some further reading about how to attach files to reports check the link here:

Hope this helps. Now that you know how to run Blender from console, you can also read the manual about different command line arguments too if you need them.

Setting as incomplete until additional information is provided.

Props on your response.. couldn't have gave better instructions

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So not a blender bug, thanks for the report anyway.