Cycles Glass BSDF broken on GPU
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I find that with the current master branch Glass Shaders do not work, but only on GPU. Appearance is mostly black, except for higher IORs (like >2), then something lighter appears, but completely different than with CPU render. I could bisect the bug down to commit 095a01a73a35d3af57573fc724d381bcca019f54, but I didn't figure out why this change should have an effect only on GPU.

GPU is GTX1080 on Linux 4.16.2 with CUDA

Blend File:


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Please use the new bug report template and provide all the requested information:

Particularly GPU, operating system and .blend file are important.

Okay, sure. Blend file and info OS/Hardware find above. To be precise about versions:

Not working:


  • source rebuild of b3afc8917cdeaa98ebfa3f2aa17e8c5a69fdb1e3