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Blender 2.8 Design UX
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Blender 2.8 Design UX

This is a list of all the most potentially polemic design changes already implemented in 2.8, designed or with a fuzzy design.

The idea is to collect them all here with an associated design task. Followed by the proposed designs to the code quest team and online contributors to get them signed off.

Once we have this sorted out we produce a document ( post) to present all the design changes together.

T55039TodoTop bar / command settingsDone. Paint and Sculpt Tool settings need some TLC
T55162 & T54963UnknownDefault keymaps / minimal keymap / Switch to 2.7 keymapDefault keymap: Blender 2.8 keymap. Also available: Industry Standard Keymap
NoneDecision neededViewport presets
NoneUnknownWireframe mode / Overlay / X-RayDone
T54642TodoAsset managerDesign Done. Implementation pending.
NoneUnknownMulti-engine material pipeline (static overrides? outputs in same nodetre?)
T54951IncompleteSingle column (grid, search, ...)Make text labels properly aligned. Add Search
T54951DoneUI decoratorsDone
T54861DoneStatus barDone
NoneDoneTools / active tool / multi-editorDone. Needs polish.
NoneDoneMulti-object editing (add/remove)Implemented, no design doc
T54707 & T54965TodoLocal view / viewport collection visibilityDesign done, needs to be implemented
NoneDoneSubspace types (e.g., image editor)Done
T54986DoneViewport navigation manipulatorDone
NoneUnknownWorkspaces (save, load, shader, duplicate, settings UI)Todo
NoneUnknownLook dev "EEVEE" settings for Cycles with no UI
NoneUnknownPer-window depsgraph read-only time decoupling
NoneIncompleteScrollbarsShould not increase/decrease based on proximity - instead fade in based on threshold
T54792WIP in branchDynamic overridesFully designed, partially function implementation in branch
T54963TodoIndustry standard keymapDesign is mostly done, needs to be implemented
NoneUnknownAlembic bound to collection
NoneUnknownCache system (particles)
NoneDone, for nowPie-menusWe want to add pie menus to more keys
NoneDoneDefault theme'Flatty Dark', but with correct Properties hierarchy
T54949IncompleteBone selectionBones need more contrast
NoneDoneGrease Pencil UIInitial UI integration done. Next step is the Tools & Brushes concept

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Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) created this task.
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The really most polemic changes are the default theme, switch tools and default keymap.
For a simple reason, they might mess with existing workflows.

What's up with this task? Guess it can be closed since we have T63726 now?