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Blender development todo list (Parent task)
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This is an experimental try at porting the TODO list found in the old wiki at over to phabricator

This is also an opportunity to check whether things on above list are still valid.

Things to consider / questions:

  • wiki sections to exclude: Game Engine, User Based Todo
  • match wiki sections with phabricator tags (add new tags?)?
    • wiki sections: Tools, Render, User Interface, Animation System, Editors, Scripting, Import/Export, Building Software, Installation / Environment, Regression Tests
  • make each wiki section its own subtask?
  • check existing phabricator tasks that are mentioned in these lists for being tagged as TODO
  • reg. task status: talked to @Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) and existing phabricator (TODO) tasks should be Archived (not Open) and once actually done have status Resolved
  • in the long run it might not even make sense to keep a separate list [aka this task] for TODOs as these could easily be filtered by tag in phab anyways? (imho chance is high this wont be kept up to date if you can just tag a task with TODO -- and forget to also add to this task/list...)


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