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Blender development todo list -- Tools (migrated from wiki)
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NOTE: this is a direct dump of (without cherrypicking the valid items)


New scene - Full Copy

Several things are still not copied or reassigned when using this tool:

  • Particles - Not even the particle systems themselves, not to mention re-assigning 'objects' pointers to copied IDs too, see T40891.
  • Textures when they are only used by e.g. modifiers (i.e. not by a material, world or lamp).
  • Textures used by modifiers are not re-assigned to new copies when possible either (only objects are handled).

Library System

  • Hard (or even impossible) to relocate libraries that have been moved (T44958). Addressed in id-remap branch, hopefully merged in 2.78.
  • 'Find Missing Files' does not work with .blend lib files (impossible with current master, easy to do once id-remap is merged, see T47774).


  • API and draw code for manipulator needs to be redone still. For this reason no manipulator drawing happens during transform.
  • Manipulator click behavior (left-click-release a manipulator axis to enable a transform on that axis -> perform transform and wait for another left-click to confirm. Expected behavior from 2.4x)
  • Operator parameters in toolbar don't have to be drawn all always, needs cleanup.
  • Transform redo fails when you change mode during transform (use R S G keys).
  • Mirror of rotated objects doesn't always work correct T37928
  • Numeric input for rotational transform resolves to modulo 360. Should it? T40167 - ''possible fix included''.
  • Transform along the axis does incorrect axis projection in certain circumstances T40893
  • Scaling from zero is not possible with 'S' shortcut (T44551).
  • Transform redo fails when mouse move is required (T50419).
  • Apply Scale: Option not to scale all object properties (curve radius, empty scale, text scale... etc). "Scale Properties" toggle.
  • Cursor input to calculate rotation can accumulate a small amount of error (impacts bend and rotate) T53590
  • Armature edit-mode transform proportional editing doesn't work (T53992).
Transform Snap
  • Snapping to vertex slide (Taking into account multiple selections)(T48927).
  • Snapping to face local axis doesn't snap the vertex to the face surface (T38438).
  • Snapping to self doesn't work with proportional edit-mode (T44793).
  • Snapping doesn't work for Boolean modifier (T35023).
  • Snapping in object mode rotates object around their origin, instead of rotating them around their snapped point (T42362).
  • Snapping doesn't behave as expected when having several parented objects (T41199).
  • Snapping between multiple objects can give some working-as-intended, but in practice quite undesirable behavior (using bounding box) (T47171).
  • Snapping falls back to using a grid, however this isn't clearly communicated<br>(advanced snapping on faces, vertices, etc. only works on move/rot/scale, see T42798).
  • Snap to cursor and snap to grid could be made to work more consistently: See (T34441)
  • snap_project individual element on surface of other objects -;
  • Snap does not work for NURB surfaces (T78434);


  • There is no good way to control the rotation of objects in DupliFaces option (rotation is computed from face normal (which is good) and first three vertices of the polygon (which is weak, epic fail with e.g. Mirror modifier). See T37365.
  • Duplifaces don't work well with the mirror modifier, see T37820.


  • Capping front / back -ends of beveled curve doesn't work, see T26136
  • Constructive modifier kills generated UV mapping on bevelled curves, see T27411
  • Surfaces Make Segment rotates U/V even when it's not actually needed, see T31480
  • Couldn't cycle through vertices with the same location using mouse selection, see T36760
  • Curve tessellation might work not as it's expected to, see T37386, T40171
  • Curve deform doesn't work if curve is zero-scaled T38907
  • Nurbs clamp order by total number of points, this should be clamped at runtime T40378
  • Handling of non-smooth control points with (Bézier/poly) curves in general, and their rotation in particular, could be improved when generating BevelList & Path, see T44393.
  • In some cases Bevel should prefer "clip" behavior over trying to keep constant shape across the path T50720.

Text objects

  • Font formatting interface should be improved (T49599)
  • Default Bfont doesn't support russian characters (or any other non-european charset) in text object, while UI does show Russian characters (T53744)


  • Some shapes (Cube) for eg. draw far outside the tessellation bounds making them hard to select. see T47455


Mesh Editing
  • Knife & loopcut
    • Knife/loop cut need to work properly with operator properties/redo
    • Restore Quad Corner Cut Methods (Innervert, Fan and Path) for Subdivisions and Knifecut
    • Knife cuts side-on, intersecting the entire face, could be detected and ignored T43816
  • Mirror edit mesh operator (Ctrl M) fails to flip normals leaving an incorrectly mirrored mesh (turns normals inside)
  • Add option to disable n-gons usage for tools (might be useful for some usages) (see T31268)
  • 'Checker deselect' could be modified to work in some cases where it currently fails, (see T34544)
  • Merge meshes: add option to join UVs (and other CD layers!) by names rather than index (see T36749).
  • toolbar mesh Extrude operator inconsistency (see T36977).
  • Shape keys: Enhance memory usage (not storing vcos for unchanged vertices? See T39287).
  • Bevel
    • Better handling of profile=1, profile=0.25, and implement profile=0 cases (see T39132 and T38458 and T40278).
    • Generalize to handle several manifold sheets touching at a point (see T34678).
    • Improve clamping code (see T38871).
    • More options, e.g., spline spec for profile shape (see T40722) and vertex blends with setbacks.
    • Treat more cases like "pipe" to avoid bulges (see T40258)
    • Option to have bevel not create n-gons (see bf-funboard thread)
    • Sometimes leaves degenerated geometry (T48174)
  • DataTransfer/Geometry Matching
    • Add 'matching' algorithms based on 'similar shape' rather than simple items proximity/raycasting (see T46762 for a usecase) - WARNING: most likely advanced, mathy project!
    • A review of islands handling could also be useful, current code is rather complex and not so efficient.
  • Discussion
    • Extrude behaviour on cancel, see (T23492).
Text Editing (3D)
  • When converting beveled text into a mesh - there are many doubles.
  • Text object requires better integration with the system clipboard, T38556, T46330
  • Support font kerning (T47725).
UV Unwrapping
  • Settings for pack margin in different operators behaves inconsistently, see detailed description:
  • Remove doubles has an option to Merge with unselected verts, This would be very handy for welding also.
  • Detect convex mesh without seams on unwrap and print warning.
  • Unwrapping fails on a particular strange topology (T31145)
  • Unwrapping for concave polygons is badly supported T41810
  • Face/edge selection in UV Editor does not work same as in 3DView (T52276).

; Not ported from 2.4x

  • Click Project from face
  • Consolidate into one image
  • Billboard render on active
  • Unwrapping could run out of stack size for tricky geometry T42524
Vertex Paint
  • Undo in vertex (and weight paint) behave differently to sculpt/project-paint modes regarding undo steps T52993

Sculpt & Paint

  • Check documentation and fix hotkeys which could be useful for artists (or remove redundant hotkeys and update documentation), see T26017
  • Grab + symmetry can make things shoot off more quickly than they should (strength of movement is being double counted), see T25370
  • Not all drawing modes supports PBVH drawing, see T32454, T38608, T38609
  • Not all shading modes are supported for dyntopo, see T34010
  • Hidden faces are treated as hidden by sculpt tools but when PBVH drawing isn't used, the hidden faces display (and cant be edited), see T33078
  • Multires modifiers: makes mesh invisible after leaving sculpting mode, see T36591
  • Multires sculpt: artifacts grabbing between different levels T40465
  • Dyntopo does not support restoration when aborting a stroke, see T46456.
Painting (3D)
  • Solve projection paint issue when one vertex in a face in behind the view in perspective mode<br>
  • Continue to unify paint modes
    • Consistent brush texture mapping across paint modes (sculpt/tex paint/proj paint).
      • Consistent brush options, eg. 'Rake' or 'Anchored' in texture paint.
  • Make paint of displacement texture apply real time on model (optional). (T24657)
  • Allow view center to work for selected/active face in WPaint mode.
  • Viewport navigation for painting modes can be improved T48113
  • Users can perform strokes which apply to a huge number of pixels (by accident) - this could be handled gracefully T52351
Painting (2D)
  • Clone image painting should support the same translation/rotation/scale tools as stencil texture mapping.
  • Stepped lines in image editor painting, blending should use float coordinates and interpolate (T52610)
Grease Pencil
  • Default attach point of GP data is confusing ((T21969))
  • GP ignores color management ((T50149))


  • Improve handling of linking of materials to Object/Data. Right assigning a material-less data to object the materials from object are gone too (T23805, T52484).
  • Fix EnvMap update, it can depends on many different things in the scene (T41900).


  • Make (at least some) generative modifiers to handle custom normals (like e.g. mirror one, see T44058).
Array Modifier
  • Has been re-written to use bmesh, making 2.63 slower then 2.62, There are areas where speed could be improved, for full info see T30695
  • Textures from cap objects are completely ignored and no way to override them, see T33578
Boolean Modifier
  • Boolean modifier does not preserve vertices/edges data, see T32203, T33548
  • Issues with degenerated faces, see T30447
Decimate Modifier
  • Limit decimation along seams (UV vertex color, etc), see T32203
Explode Modifier
  • Does not preserve UV maps when using Cut Edges option (T46514)
Multires Modifier
  • Only solid draw mode uses optimized drawing
  • "Applying Base" gives spikes on lover levels sometimes, see T35560, T37997
Bevel Modifier
  • Does not preserve edge custom data, see T35314.
Simple Deform Modifier
  • The bend/taper/twist options use fixed axis, add XYZ options would be nice. T33712
Skin Modifier
  • Skin modifier very slow in some cases, see T40770
Solidify Modifier
  • Curves tesselation creates zero area faces which solidify doesn't handle well T52170
Remesh Modifier
  • Mesh data at extreme distance from origin (2**24), crashes T47209<br>''Note, this is a real corner case - yet its a bug because it shouldn't crash.''


  • Allow using multiple baked caches on a single object (having different frame ranges), see T41896.
  • Bullet: High memory usage for objects that don't have scale applied (T35799)
  • Generic issue: baking ignores making pointcaches when modifier preview has been disabled. Doesn't need fix - but let's keep track of this for future work.
  • Point caches do not work well with time remapping (example T35968)
  • Proper handling of rendered subframes without baked pointcache, for more info see (T21948)
  • Proper handling of different vertices placed at the same position with "Soft Body Self Collision" option turned on (see (T26956)).
  • Cloths doesn't allow preview during bake (see (T30490)).
  • Dupli-group cloth in NLA fails (T29838)
  • 'Emit from: verts' not working as expected when deforming T36237
  • Collision of hairs doesn't works properly T39219
  • Memory optimizations are possible for cloth T42577
  • Cloth pre-roll feature is totally weird and needs reconsideration T40103
  • Collision modifier updates it's data structure even if there are no physics that need it (can be slow), a check should be added to make sure the data is actually needed, see (T26965).
  • Force fields and collision objects are not included in DupliObjects. This is mostly a design decision (duplis being a purely visual feature), but would be nice to support at least in groups. T35264 T36300
  • Better handling of collisions & force fields for dynamic hair
  • Wave kink direction is totally uncontrollable, probably there needs to be a way to define hair tangent direction in particle edit mode.
  • Adding hair in particle mode only uses the deformed mesh, see (T25689).
  • Particle emission between frames is only accurate for object level emitter/parent animation, for parenting or constraints an interpolation method needs to be implemented, but before this can be done pointcache code has to get some changes too. See (T36516) for more details.

*; Parent animation is now supported {{GitCommit|rBc24a23f. Similar issue still persists for non-animated parents (e.g. rigid bodies) though T39923

  • Reactor particles
  • Conversion from some old files could be better
  • Vector blur + particles being born/dying doesn't work properly, see (T23320).
  • Metaballs don't work with particles when the particle view setting isn't "render", see (T25794) for more info.
  • "Constructive modifiers before particles" is still an open issue, but some way to handle this gracefully would be really nice, see (T25838) for more info.
  • Density of particles can't be animated with animated textures, see (T28212).
  • Instanced objects do not show in particle edit mode, see (T28431).
  • Issue with ghosting particles if you don't bake first. (T28116)
  • Linked groups: Force fields and guides only work if you use "Effector Group" feature, set to its own group.
  • Particle Hair dynamics: stops working after using "Add tool". (T30557)
  • Instanced objects don't draw in Particle Edit Mode. (T31913)
  • Child particles Interpolated mode only works well for Hair, for other particles it doesn't take particle lifetime into account. (T33390)
  • Particle emission doesn't support NGons.
  • Particle Object duplication doesn't work with Mirror modifier (T34705)
  • Particle systems fail to duplicate for smoke simulation (T34705)
  • Random distribution of particles fails in specific setups (T35598)
  • Default point cache step of 10 frames fails in some cases, see T38563
  • Particles tangent rotation control by vertex group missing, see T35103
  • Texture doesn't affect grid particles T40404
  • The particle system needs to be set to 'Newtonian Physics' for texture to influence the size, and with global gravity turned off T28263
  • Multiple issues with particles rotation T32340, T44088
  • Particles hidden in viewport reappear during rendering T40463
  • Particle initial speed is not properly inherited from the parent T41305
  • Point density textures can not be used to control particles T44901
  • Particle duplication in general is rather poorly implemented (no relink of used datablocks, no duplication of psettings ID when duplicating objects, …) T45843.
  • Grid distribution only supports From Dupli Generated, but not UV. Potentially could use nearest face. T48928
  • Particles aren't spawned correctly, they are sometimes generated at the same location as other particles, or at the object's origin. See T50135 for one scenario.
  • Particle editmode could have its 'own' [X-mirror] option (and not reuse editmode option). See T53872
Rigid Body
  • Velocities are not cached, which prevents a proper state update when cache has time gaps T50230.

Image & Video

  • DOF Defocus node: fStop close to 128 fails to give good results, stay away from that value! (T24534)
  • DOF node gives no realistic results as users expect, documentation needs upgrade for it.
  • Defocus node is very slow when large blur radius is needed, could be optimized somehow (mipmap, summed area table?) (T29481)
  • Defocus node does not work nicely without a camera controlling the blur radius. This makes external compositing workflows with defocus difficult. At the heart of this is a design conflict, because defocus is not a true postprocessing effect T36745
  • Fast Gauss (Gabor filter, Young/VanVliet) has bad results for edge cases. Needs image processing guru (T25543)
  • Check on DPX and and (T27377)
  • Map UV makes mapped images blurry, see T31868
  • Some nodes does not preserve alpha channel replacing it with fully opaque, see T32580
  • With new compositor, on loading files a compositor doesn't start (for existing buffers), so viewers remain empty as well. T35417
  • Ghost Glare is of limited use, needs clarification and probably a more sophisticated generic lens flare alternative T30389 T36488
  • Some node inputs require a single constant value and don't work with image-based per-pixel values (T36585). This leads to confusion when nodes apparently don't work, because nothing prevents linking such variable values into constant inputs. Compositor nodes should keep track of constant values and limited inputs on the node level (also in node groups!).
  • Compositor gives unexpected results with specific curve mapping due to precision loss, see T36621
  • "Full Sample" merging does not work with the File Output node, sample merging happens only for render result outside compositor. Real-time editing might also be improved to deal with samples better (T36811, T39143)
  • Accumulation method in the Lens Distortion node causes artifacts on noisy input T37462
  • Compositor does not support render slots T43260
  • Scaling down produces artifacts due to lack of ellipse filtering of sampler T51070
Image formats
  • Upgrade our DPX code to read newer or different versions, copy the ImageMagick code? (T24716)
  • No support yet to output images in user chosen color space. (T37650)

Related Objects

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rBc24a23f264d2: Fix for particle emission bug, reported on IRC by Thomas Beck…
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T23492: Unexpected behaviour: canceling extrusion silently creates double architecture
T23805: Materials that are assigned into object dosen't stay there when mesh is changed
T24075: Image Offset works on Proxy not true frame when proxies are enabled.
T24534: Defocus is inacurate
T24657: Painting displacement image doesn't update the 3D display in realtime
T24716: DPX IMPORT: Imagemagick convert fails to be ingested
T25370: Sculpt: grab + symmetry behaves incorrectly
T25543: Fast gaussian blur appears brighter when blurred object's only partly visible
T25631: Motion Blur doesn't affect rendered Smoke Sim
T25689: Particle Add brush project-picks with multires level 0
T25794: Metaballs in a particle system fails to render when particle system is not set to display Render
T25838: Mirror Modifier and Particle System do not Work Properly
T26017: Sculpt Mode hotkeys exhibiting strange behaviour and default brush hotkeys missing/broken
T26031: Crash on Shift-D to duplicate image node in compositer.
T26136: Capping front / back -ends of beveled curve doesn't work
T26560: Sequencer strips ignore drivers on rendering (works in playback)
T26956: Conversion of extruded text into mesh causes problems when used to animate as soft body
T26965: Playing slowness
T27188: Drag'n'dropped .ogg files in the sequencer are added only as audio and filtered out when adding a movie
T27377: Rendered DPX's do not match viewer
T27411: Array modifier kills generated UV mapping on bevelled curves
T27756: Fluid Baking Crashes Blender with a Collision Object
T28116: Paricles show in multiple (incorrect) locations when rendered
T28212: Bad update on sequence texture for particles
T28263: Particle Texture Influence Bug (3)
T28431: Instanced objects as hair particles not visible in Particle edit mode
T28756: Fluid Sim tesselator error
T29481: Blur node processing
T29838: Linked cloth simulation does not work with NLA
T29949: Fluid sim ignores delta scale
T30389: Glare node : Ghost type doesn't work. tested Blender 2.61 and 2.62
T30447: Boolean operator intersect after edge split do not work
T30490: Cloth Baking is not visible in viewport during calculation
T30557: Hair Particle system does not respond properly to hair Dynaimcs
T30605: Fluidsim: Animated inflow (and outflow) never worked
T30695: Array modifier much slower than 2.62
T31145: Unwrap creates stray faces
T31268: N-gons On/Off checkbox
T31480: Surfaces Make Segment wrong behaviour
T31868: Map UV makes mapped images blurry
T31913: Instance Objects not displayed in Particle Mode (hair)
T32203: Boolean modifier removes edge crease settings
T32340: particle rotation option not working (10 reports)
T32454: Wire display not updated for shape keys in sculpt mode
T32580: Nodes Don't Register Alpha Channel
T32890: can´t change strip opacity
T33078: Smooting shape key vertices with sculpt collapses masked vertices to object origin
T33298: Sequencer Renders scene strip bug
T33390: particles children interpolation fill the whole mesh even empty parts
T33548: Boolean operation erases vertex groups
T33578: Array Modifier-- end cap Textures Ignored
T33712: Simple Deform Problems
T34010: Matcaps are unhideable in sculpt mode
T34441: Snap tool inconsistent in edit mode
T34544: Checker deselect doesn't work with edge ring
T34549: Quick edit image buffer is saved as 8bit image
T34678: bevel modifier behavior
T34705: Dynamically duplicating particle smoke is impossible (particle mirror/dupli broken)
T35023: Boolean causes some snap issues
T35103: Particles tangent rotation control by vertex group missing
T35187: Problem creating a concave polygon
T35264: Force Fields in Group Instance have no effect.
T35314: Freestyle Marked Edges destroyed by Boolean, Bevel, Remesh, Skin
T35417: Viewer node show nothing immediately after loading a file
T35560: Unable to work on lower subdivision - multires modifier issue
T35598: Poor randomness in particle emission with a grid of resolution 32 (and 16)
T35799: Bullet viewport integration allocates too much memory on Windows for several shape types
T35968: Particles Baking not using the right keyframes with time remapping
T36195: Skew operator allows deforming only on x axis
T36237: HAIR: 'Emit from: verts' not working as expected when deforming.
T36300: Linking in a group with hair particles and force field doesn't affect the hair particles.
T36488: Ghosts Glare effect weird behavior.
T36516: particle-system parent and constraints problem
T36585: Lens Node does not work with other node inputs
T36591: multires modifiers makes mesh invisible after leaving sculpting mode
T36621: Compositor produces different results between WIN7 and Linux Mint
T36745: Glitching in Compositor with "Depth" value of .EXR
T36749: Joining objects with more than one uv map depends on list order
T36760: impossible to select curve point...
T36811: Full Sample Node File Output
T36977: View3D T-Panel: Mesh Extrude operator inconsistency
T37139: Multi-layer EXR being displayed as empty frames when added to VSE
T37365: "Mirror + Duplication" Issue
T37386: Text object not fill correctly when offest is used 0.10 Tahoma
T37462: Lens Distortion compositor node artifacts
T37650: UV pass coordinates saved in sRGB color space
T37820: Wrong mirror with face-duplication
T37928: Rotated Empty cannot be mirrored as expected.
T37997: Multires spikes
T38438: Snapping vertex to mesh not working when movement is constrained to a single axis
T38458: Bevel profile at 1 makes errors
T38556: Text object clipboard isolated
T38563: Motion in zero-velocity particle system
T38608: Hidden mesh parts in sculpt mode are shown when matcaps are used
T38609: Sculpting multires is slower with matcap enabled
T38871: Wrong bevel on ngon with hole
T38907: Render bug as result of curve modifier animation
T39062: alt+b_non visible stuff makes vertex stick to it during snap transform.
T39132: Bevel modifier. Сombination Segment and Profile creates a bulge.
T39143: Compositor works poorly with Full Sample Antialiasing
T39219: Collision of hairs doesn't works properly
T39261: high resolution smoke doesn't collide properly with animated objects
T39287: serious optimization request for shape keys (huge memory waste detected)
T39583: Fluid Sim: Conditional inaccurate frame mapping
T39634: VSE do not copy Animation Data
T39923: particle emitter not emitting in the same frequency when being parented to an empty, or object with rigid body dynamics.
T40103: Cloth sim with pre-roll breaks
T40167: Numeric input for rotational transform resolves to modulo 360. Should it?
T40171: Bezier curve to mesh creates duplicate vertices / edges
T40256: Sequencer Preview does not include Grease Pencil on OpenGL render
T40258: Bevel Bug - Bevel doesn't respect edge direction
T40278: Bevel Bug - Weird Geometry Position
T40378: Nurbs curve order setting won't preserve on duplication
T40404: texture doesn't affect grid particles
T40463: Particles hidden in viewport reappear during rendering
T40465: Sculpting multi-res has artifacts: grabbing between different levels
T40558: VSE Import Image Sequences with "Ignore Alpha"
T40722: Triangle fan bevel behavior
T40770: Blender 2.71 (rc2) crashes when a UV sphere is added
T40820: External Smoke Cache Issues
T40891: After Ful Copy Scene, particle system still uses object from previous scene
T40893: 3D View>Grab/Transform Operator on y-Achsis >> Grab value flipps to -1x10^9
T40933: Snapping to Vertices fails
T41199: Snapping fails for multiple objects with a parent
T41305: Particles emitted from fast moving animated object
T41692: Fluid simulation - volume of fluid grows during movement of a container
T41790: VSE scene sequence strips volume level affects volume levels in original scene.
T41810: UV unwarping not keeping angles of some of faces.
T41896: Multiple hair / particle caches not interpreted simultaneously
T41900: AFTER 2.73 - env map update bug
T42362: Align rotation adds some offset when snapping
T42524: Unwrap crashes blender
T42577: Crash when animating cloth
T42798: "snap onto itself" problem
T43260: Setting node tree type to "Compositor" sometimes deletes render.
T43676: "display modifier in viewport" doesn't disable smoke flow/collision objects
T43816: Knife Tool when faces are exactly aligned (zero screen-space-area), get cut diagonally
T44058: Imported custom normals are not working with mirror modifier
T44088: Hair random rotation limited to 180 degrees
T44393: changing curve handles type to "vector" makes weird rotations for dupliframes
T44551: Scaling an object to zero does not let it scale up
T44793: snap don't worting with proportional edit
T44897: Fluid-fluid interaction problem in the Classical Physics SPH
T44901: Point density and voxel data don't work as particle textures
T44958: Changing library path
T45173: scene_update_post and scene_update_pre get continuously called
T45843: Scene duplicate particle system bug.
T46330: Cut&Paste with Text objects doesn't work
T46456: quitting while using dynotopo (dynamic topography) if you press ESC
T46514: Explode modifier makes Cycles not render UV mapped image
T46762: UV transfer Object transform crash
T47130: Broken fluidsim with rotated obstacle
T47171: Snapping between 2 objects in object mode uses the bound-box of the source object
T47209: Crashes when adding remesh modifier to the mesh that is far from object origin and has been translated to world origin
T47455: Metaball cube and plane selection not possible
T47725: Kerning table not read from TTF font
T47774: "Find Missing Files" finds only images and that's about it
T48113: Shift Numpad Keys for selection aligned views in paint-mask modes
T48174: Bevel Tool with "Clamp Overlap" Leave Degenerate Geometry
T48927: Edge Slide with snap
T48928: Cycles: From Dupli fails on Grid particles
T49121: VSE and border render incompatable
T49599: 2.78 ui bug in Character formatting ( tickbox doesn't set a character's weight/style)
T50135: Particle - Hair Objects - Hair objects are generated at origin point, not on mesh
T50149: Grease Pencil doesn't treat color like the rest of Blender
T50230: Rigid body point cache jumps
T50419: Vertex slide redo problems when clamp is on
T50604: Knife Tool / Knife Project: Vertex group weights not added/interpolated for KnifeVerts created in faces (works correctly on verts created on existing/split edges)
T50720: Bevel objects along 3D curves get distorted
T51070: Cannot scale textures in compositor
T51249: Snap to any mesh element in NURBS surface editing does not work properly
T52170: curves with solidify bug if subdivided (3 verts on a line)
T52276: Selection tools in UV-editor work badly if target is not vertex
T52351: Blender eats all memory when painting texture
T52484: Linking Materials ignores Object or Data preference of source
T52610: Paint line stroke - interpolation steps/aliasing
T52993: Undo inconsistency between vertex paint mode and other paint mode
T53590: Bend tool "bend angle" gets reset in some situations meaning the tool is not zeroed properly
T53744: Bfont doesn't support russian characters in text object, while UI does show Russian characters
T53872: Hair, Particle Edit automatically mirrors guide strands
T53992: Edit Mode - Armature menu - Bone Roll - Set Roll - Last Operator - cannot enable Proportional Editing

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This task should be split up into smaller more specific tasks.