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Blender development todo list -- Editors
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NOTE: this is a direct dump of (without cherrypicking the valid items)

3D View

3D View: Drawing
  • Lattice drawing colors are not part of Theme Colors yet. T35575
  • "Show weights" in edit mode does not work with (vertex generating) Modifiers T35597
  • Partial redraws during viewport render leads to window split icon flush T40464
  • Axis projection for objects movement might be made more friendly (T37009)
3D View: Interaction
  • Continuous grab doesn't function when switching view3D modal. See T28486, T40536.
3D View:Tools
  • Change the make_links (editors/object/object_relations.c) operator to show a menu with the properties that we can copy for every object type. Also finish to port the rest of options from 2.4x to 2.5 (like Camera data).
3D View: Other/Unsorted
  • Moving objects to invisible layers in edit mode disables the mode switch operator T40526
  • Bevel vertices with no connected faces T35649
  • "Exploding" smoke while scaling collision object T43220

Image Editor

  • While painting in sequences or movies, and having same sequence update live in compositor, black frames can appear. This is because images get moved to linear color inside composite, and paint system is accessing the same data. Both color management and image buffer 'owning' needs better handling.
  • Image repeat is currently limited by 0.25 sec, need better approach drawing tiles here ((T30648))
  • Scopes updates are relatively slow and run in UI thread, which causes serious blocking and delay during render and compositing. Should probably be run as a separate job (workaround is to hide scopes during render/composite). See T36239, T36393
  • Undo in Object mode in 3DView erase any non-saved painting on textures (T38893).
  • Movie length is not calculated on load for Movie/Sequence type of sources (T51989)
UV Editor

Video Sequencer

  • Animated properties currently don't work on single-image strips without blend mode, see T21378
  • Strip blend mode "replace" doesn't allow animation
  • Scene strip preview drawing prevents RMB insert-key on buttons. Use autokey, disable preview, or use graph editor for now. (This is a todo after 2.5)
    • One solution is to implement "animation overrides" as detailed in this, see T25020
  • Preview image / scopes have no view navigation (zooming, scrolling).
  • Improve/replace current plugin architecture, see T22579
  • Add a check to the preview renderer to detect whether graphics cards support off-screen render, so that people whose graphic cards can't handle those textures get better feedback. See T24656 and T22081
  • Sound strip volume is only evaluated once per frame, so animating the volume leads to audible volume artifacts, see T24194
  • Built-in replace/alpha/etc effects only work when there's a strip below. Could work for single strip too.
  • Changing the pitch of a clip does not really change the pitch but changes the speed, see T28533
  • Video dimensions aren't detecting correct for some codecs (leading to black "outline" on the bottom or right of shot). See in comments for T26837
  • Movie strips aren't getting cache-limited which leads to high memory usage by internal anim structure fields.
  • Cache invalidation doesn't happen reliably due to lack of dependency graph, T32206
  • 10bit movie files are internally reading as 8bit byte, T34755
  • All images are cropped to the render resolution inside Input strips, making effects like Transform less useful, see T35028.
  • Scopes meters display could be improved from the UI POV, see feedback from T38004
  • Some video formats generate huge mem usage with FFmpeg, requires making FFmpeg frames cache-managed (T37166, T45570)
  • Movie files with multiple sound tracks are only using first audio track T46449
  • Recursive sequencer rendering doesn't always give expected animation T49261
  • Adding a scene strip to VSE in the same scene makes results vary depending on scene start frame T50139
  • Cutting a strip that is crossfaded causes the crossfade effect input to be changed to the wrong cut strip T50877
  • Sequencer preview rendering needs to be re-implemented using the job system, see bugs (T26560) and comments in seq_render_scene_strip_impl()
  • Relation between strip input offset and crop is not well defined and an "Image Scale" control should probably be added, see (T24075).
  • Moving of F-curves together with sequencer strips is not handled very predictably, the functionality needs proper design behind it, see (T21478).
  • Drag'n'dropped .ogg files in the sequencer are added only as audio and filtered out when adding a movie, see (T27188).
  • Preview rendering resets animated properties when manually editing T32890
  • Scene strip added to the same scene would double affect on start frame T33298
  • Keyframing speed factor of speed effect does not rebuild frames map. Same goes to editing fcurve for this property from graph editor.
  • Multilayer EXRs are not supported T37139
  • Strip copy-paste doesn't copy the animation data T39634
  • Grease pencil could render into preview, also currently GP maps to window, not image-bounds T40256
  • No way to ignore alpha on load T40558
  • No way to adjust scene strip audio without modifying actual scene volume T41790
  • Enable multi-threading encoding when using FFmpeg, same could work for renders without sequencer as well
  • Sequencer does not work with border rendering T49121


  • Datablocks view
    • Does not remember state yet after save/load.
    • Needs a system for viewing e.g. a million vertices, right now can run out of memory.
    • Button drawing style would be nice to have as it was before without border.
  • Recursive toggling hide / hide_select / hide_render is possible by holding Ctrl, but there is no way to keyframe all children recursively (should be Ctrl + I).


  • add the ability to run a command in another context (using the mouse, text dnd)

File Selector

  • Add support for FILE_OT_directory when used with linking or appending to type in names that include blend paths and proceeding ID groups such as /tmp/foo.blend/Scene/
  • More expectable default folder for file selector T31314
  • Bookmarks are allowed to be added when browsing inside a .blend file, however - this can't be used.
  • Investigate supporting windows hidden file attribute T36102
  • Add timeout to file browser, so network which is hicking up does not annoy artists, see T37051


  • Have some way to specify which AnimData block Action Editor's action field gets/sets from T37512
  • Multi-Dimensional arrays such as UV's or Matrices don't have access through animation path creation and lookup functions.
  • The names of sub-structures are not shown in a very useful way in the dope-sheet, (T33178)
  • View-Selected isn't centering vertically T36069
  • Mocap data draws keylines for every frame in Timeline, obscuring "current frame". (T36381)
  • Animation editors do not show anim data for "transient" ID blocks (node groups, textures) T36744. See also [ discussion on bf-committers]
  • Review the way F-Curve modifiers are evaluated/applied, currently they do not for a real stack T36645
  • Dopesheet currently doesn't sort/reorder keyframes on each transform step update (like the Graph Editor does). While the curves may look a bit weird in the Graph Editor mid-transform, there are no lingering effects of that. For now, it's not worth the trouble/effort to fix this. T38692
  • Would be nice to support context-dependent units for modifiers, see T42705

Node Editor

  • Allow separate RGB + A channels in Output File and Image nodes (Image + Alpha sockets), for the same RGBA file/layer. See [ report]
  • Create a new widget for RGB(A) curves that allows display+edit of individual components. The CurveMapping widget requires a single "active" (cumap->cur) component for display and editing, which requires a lot of clicking to switch between components.
  • Frame nodes draw a label directly against the backdrop of the node body. Depending on the frame node color this can give too little contrast (uses same color as regular node labels, doesn't work well on dark colors). Best would be a 2-color label with a darker outline, seems we have no precedence for this yet (T39317)
  • Once flags/types of sockets are copied from node group instance to node group they are never updated, even when changing node group itself T46406

UV Maps

  • Add buttons to change UVMaps order. As this is very important for GameEngines (Unity3D, Unreal, jMonkey, Ogre3D). They use UVTexCoord1, UVTexCoord2... order. Here is screenshot for explanation

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T21478: Sequence Strip animation behavior not ideal when moving endpoints of the strip
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T26560: Sequencer strips ignore drivers on rendering (works in playback)
T27188: Drag'n'dropped .ogg files in the sequencer are added only as audio and filtered out when adding a movie
T32890: can´t change strip opacity
T33298: Sequencer Renders scene strip bug
T37139: Multi-layer EXR being displayed as empty frames when added to VSE
T39634: VSE do not copy Animation Data
T40256: Sequencer Preview does not include Grease Pencil on OpenGL render
T40558: VSE Import Image Sequences with "Ignore Alpha"
T41790: VSE scene sequence strips volume level affects volume levels in original scene.
T49121: VSE and border render incompatable
T65746: VSE: Missing import settings in the workspace file browser can cause slow playback and a/v duration mismatch
T21378: Sequencer Preview doesn't update properly
T22081: Scene strip preview not working
T22579: Segfault when adding plugin effect to sequencer
T22657: Cannot scroll horizontal panels up and down
T24194: Discontinuities when changing sound volume in VSE
T24543: Undoing "Run script" also swipes away the last changes in Text Editor
T24656: VSE , white view
T25020: Inserting multiple keyframes in sequencer properties is broken on x64 Windows 7
T25328: Text editor missing "relative" option for file open/save and appears to always be stored internally on open of blend file
T26363: Clipping Boarder (alt+b) does not work with glsl and textures.
T26837: MPEG Preseek does not work for some h264 files.
T28441: Tab width in texteditor ignored if used tabs as spaces
T28486: Continuous grab doesn't function when switching view3D modal.
T28533: Video Editing: Changing pitch is broken
T29229: Outliner RMB commands unexpected results
T30648: UV-editor - Problem with image-repeat
T31074: Face drawing in the UV editor is wrong for concave ngons.
T31294: Missing settings from the Blender Render material panel
T31314: File selector should remember last selected folder
T32206: If transition effects are moved or changed, they get displayed incorrectly and stutter.
T32219: new objects and Units scale
T33055: 'Project from View' UV mapping produces distorted maps
T33178: Name missing for sequence crop in DopeSheet Summary
T34235: Data loss: painted-on generated images aren't saved
T34755: 10 Bit input video shows strong banding and color mismatch in blender
T35028: Image is cropped although crop option is off, Transform uses downscaled input.
T35575: Theme: Color setting missing for Lattice?
T35597: "Show weights" in edit mode does not work with (vertex generating) Modifiers
T35649: bevel tool not work on vertex
T36069: Dope Sheet View Selected is broken (both key and menu entry)
T36102: blender does not show folders/files that starting with a dot
T36239: Render time x2 longer if Properties Shelf is Open
T36254: Checking Use Alpha or Premultiplied ruins unsaved texture
T36381: Timeline: draw current frame after keyframes
T36393: UI slows down while nodes are being calculated
T36645: f-curve modifiers don't affect each other
T36744: Cycles Group Material Keyframes do NOT appear in Dope Sheet
T37009: Transform manipulator translate jumps to nearly infinity at some point
T37037: Random guidelines appearing when zoomed all the way in
T37070: LineStyle appears in Outliner by default though Freestyle is not enabled
T37166: Some video format (4:4:4 YUV?) generate huge mem usage with ffmpeg
T37512: Design Required: How can users choose what datablock/level to edit in the Action Editor?
T37951: Wrong OpenGL Render Preview (objects not visible in the final rendering are shown)
T38004: The size of Waveform, Vectorscope and Histogram is not correct in Sequencer
T38692: Transforming keyframes in dope sheet causes weird result in graph editor
T38893: Lost the texture paint when use set parent
T39314: Uncomment indented text in python editor doesn't work
T39317: Titles on frame nodes are difficult to see with a colored background
T39552: Each "undo" in Node Editor creates a non-existent user for linked node groups
T39889: Design request: please add a status line message when the user presses the P button.
T40464: Window split icon flashes when changing Cycles render setting
T40526: Switching object in EditMode to invisible layer locks you out of ObjectMode
T40536: Continuous grab stops working
T40627: Tiles (image game property) not working in BGE and GLSL 3D view
T40649: Objects selected when checkbox/button/tab clicked with "Region Overlap" enabled (in certain key configurations)
T41117: Empty Images not displayed in the right Z order in viewport
T42705: F-Curve modifier - Builtin-Function - Wrong Sine Amplitude for Angle transformation
T43101: OpenGL render active viewport does not respect Multisampling when executed from Sequencer
T43220: Fast smoke system to add the collision caused smoke flying
T45570: Memory leakage in Sequencer
T46406: [Material node editor] default value for "normal" input of a node group not taken into account
T46449: Blender VSE does not import all audio tracks on mp4.
T47866: OpenGL Render Image Inconsistant
T49261: Wrong key frames in added scene in VSE
T50139: Adding a scene strip to VSE in the same scene makes results vary depending on scene start frame
T50877: VSE: Cutting a strip that is crossfaded causes the crossfade effect input to be changed to the wrong cut strip
T51886: Viewport preview for Cycles 'Generated' texture coordinates fails for Bezier Curve Objects
T51989: Image Texture Node misbehaving
T53904: Auto Perspective option does not work with Viewport orbit snap

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