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Blender development todo list -- Installation/Environment
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NOTE: this is a direct dump of (without cherrypicking the valid items)

Mac OS X

  • Users have to manually change OS X defaults:
    • Map middle mouse to regular "Mouse button 2"
    • Make the Function keys use modifiers (so Blender sees these)
    • Change the Shift+NumPad options to not use Shift (change spaces)
    • The latter two could become part of a new standard OS X compliant map in the future?
  • Finder aliases or hidden files are not being recognized by Blender
  • OS X swallows some key events, like e.g. emulated numpad - on Norvegian keyboard (see T38273).
  • Blender prevents OSX from sleep T38702


  • Drives could be auto-mounted as they are in Ubuntu's file manager (selecting an unmounted drive mounts it). see T30518
  • Support Freedesktop clipboard management, see T38674
  • Support xkbset accessibility T39047
  • Support XINPUT matrix for cursor warping T48901 (edit: this depends on a bug-fix in xorg, see task)

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