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2.8: Addons UI
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For Blender 2.8, we have made some changes in the UI which affect Addons. Here's an explanation of how we expect Addons to integrate with Blender moving forward. Depending on the type of addon, they can be integrated in different ways:

1: Active Tool Addons

In Blender 2.8, we have added the concept of active tools to all modes. In the past, this was only available in Sculpt and Paint modes. Addons can define one or more Active Tools now.

For many Object and Edit Mode addons, adopting the active tool system will be the appropriate solution. When the addon registers an active tool, it gets added to the toolbar, and a custom icon can be defined. The corresponding settings will be placed in the Tool Properties.

2: Panels Addons

Some types of addons can better be implemented as distinct panels of related functionality. These can be added anywhere in the Blender UI. For 3D View-related panels, then can register themselves in the 3D View Sidebar, like so:

3: Editor Addons

In 2.8 we have a new way of integrating addons, by letting them define one or more custom Editors. For certain types of addons, this will be the appropriate solution.

In Blender's addon system, each addon can use a combination of the above solutions, if desired.

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The custom editor could be like a preview with buttons?
To make a library for example.

Custom Editors can by anything you like.

However, for assets, we will provide a built-in Asset Browser too.

Custom Editors can by anything you like.

However, for assets, we will provide a built-in Asset Browser too.

I just want to remember that the old toolbar which is being experimentally brought back as a new editor is a perfect opportunity for add-ons to implement custom python editors!
It only needs a few tweaks and a scrolling feature to the tabs.

I just remembered a feature i missed a couple times while making addons, i don't know if it is possible - to be able to call a node editor as a popup.

And while i'm at it - a popup for a temporary call for ANY editor would be great. Imagine you are in full screen 3D view and you need something from the properties editor - you just hit a shortcut and a whole properties editor appears as a popup. You tweak what you want, hit 'esc' and your 3D view is clean and ready for further work.

Blender 2.8 already has custom editors! just need a bit of API polishing and documentation.

@Jean Da Costa (jeacom256) It is sometimes a good practice to read the post before replying to it :)

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We agreed on this design, and I don't think there's action to be taken here to keep the task open. Custom editors are not implemented yet, but that's no reason to keep this open.

Any plan to release custom editors as presented in "Editor Addons" ? That would be very useful for Addon developers.

Following Vitor's question, is there any progress regarding the custom editors? It would be so great to have them.