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Review Antialiasing support
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For grease pencil the AA is almost required all the times, so the default value of 0 for Viewport MUltisample is not the best option.

In order to allow more control and enable by default the AA for graese pencil, one option is create a new parameter in User Prefs screen with the multisample levels for grease pencil.

This will require create a new frame buffer and the corresponding textures and the value to include the option in User Prefs screen.

Pending of the @Clément Foucault (fclem) feedback.

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As I mentioned here, I'm not convinced that this should be a user pref setting. This is something that affects the look of rendered output (and should stay consistent across different workstations). For this reason, IMO it'd be much better if this was some kind of per-file/scene render setting - in fact, is there any reason why we don't just reuse the standard anti-aliasing settings in render settings if it really is necessary to have control over this? Conceptually, these are practically similar issues, so I don't see the need for a separate setting for this?

Actually, examining this further, is it really even necessary to have the setting? Does anyone really ever want to use GP strokes without some kind of AA being applied? Granted, maybe you may need to turn it off completely for certain looks (e.g. a sharper/less fuzzy look), but would anyone really need to change the intensity of that?

I don't know much about the technical implementation but from the user point of view the AA for GP is totally needed, I Hero was always on.

I am referring to the GPencil AA in viewport

@Daniel Martinez Lara (pepeland) I'm not really arguing that you don't need AA to be applied to GP strokes. What I am wondering though is whether we really need the settings to enable it in the first place. IMO, it seems that you really shouldn't need to be worrying about this at all, or if you do, it's mainly a quality setting that ends up being more of a render setting (like how you can control AA strength in normal renders)

We could do something:

  1. Remove user prefs parameter.
  2. Define a fixed value of 4 and use it.

In the future we can decide if we need a parameter and where set this value.

4 it's quite low, 8 is the best for a better visuals but if your graphic cards not so powerfull 4 is ok.

For this reason, why we need a fixed AA value? Is good have the option to adjust jfor your computer specs

Hey, some GPUs are slow, Anti-aliasing should be optional of course.

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We need a separate AA parameter for Gpencil in the preference because we need it at 4 minimum by default, and we cannot force all Blender UI to use that default for performance reasons.
It can be very useful also sometimes for speed up animation with Gpencil to have a way to turn on/off that value in the viewport, maybe in Viewport Display panel.

Two possible solutions:

The problem with option 2 is that these settings are by object.

you are right, so for option 2 the property should be in "viewport display" panel at scene level

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