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NLA action strip doesn't perform full rotation as originally keyed stashed action
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Tested on Linux (2.79.5 - f8a3636374b)

The test blend file included here shown an example with few stashed actions, three of which are brought to use in

  • NlaTrack : move up Y
  • NlaTrack.001: walk; extrapolation=Nothing, Blending=Add, Repeat=5.4
  • NlaTrack.002 - turn right; extrapolation=Hold Forward, Blending=Add, Repeat=1

The stashed action 'turn right' turns 90 degrees, but when brought up to NlaTrack.002, the action turned less than 90 (as shown in the included test file above), leading to the pose doesn't line up with next route of action (turning right) as shown in the following test file:



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You’ll have to explain me why you key the location for your 'rotate' actions, and the rotation of root bone (why root baone at all actually, since it doesn’t move) for your 'walk' action…

But anyway, using quaternions for rotation has a few down-sides, one being that mere addition does not actually give expected results at all. This is currently considered a TODO in our animation system afaik, not a bug in any case, thanks for the report anyway.

You're right, I don't need the action turn, however, the armature doesn't turn as originally keyed, as shown in the below image:

I don't know if this is TODO or a bug. I keyed one way, only assembled to build up a sequence of actions and the armature doesn't work as originally keyed. To my perception, from a user's view, this is a BUG.