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Minimal Keymap Proposal
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Minimal Keymap Proposal

This is a proposal for a new minimum keymap.

  • Note that a full 2.7x keymap will be available.
  • (??) decision is disputable.


To let go of the notion we can assign useful keys for many actions and accept users will have specific workflows which favor different areas of Blender,
to leave room for users to map keys for their own use.

Having nearly every key assigned an action also means when truly useful operations are added, they end up having to be assigned to obscure keyboard shortcuts because all the other keys are taken.


This focus on the 3D view, similar kinds of decisions will be made for other editors.

  • Keep 'core application' keys:
    • Save / Open / Exit
    • Undo / Redo
    • Copy / Paste
    • RMB Context menu for UI
  • Keep 'generic application' keys:
    • Toggle Fullscreen
    • User interface keys toggle toolbar (??)
    • Switching Editor Types (??)
    • User button keys (snapping, eyedropper, copy/paste etc)
    • Tool Bar
    • Search
  • Keep 'core' keys

    The definition of core keys is fuzzy, in one part this is for frequently used features for typical workflows, another aspect is they access core functionality shared between many editors.
    • Mode Switching: Tab (used in 3D view, node groups, meta-strips), including tab pie menu.
    • Transform: Grab / Rotate / Scale
    • Selection: Toggle / Invert / Hide / Reveal / Linked
    • Selection Interactive: Circle / Border / Lasso
    • Extrude / Ctrl-Click Extrude
    • Object Mode: Insert/remove keyframe
    • Object Mode: Move to collection
    • F12 Render (??)
    • Z-Key, all shading keys to toggle wire / x-ray (??)
    • Toggle Animation Playback (??)
    • Arrow Keys for changing frame
  • Keep 'navigation' keys
    • Zoom/Pan/Orbit
    • Other keys such as home to reset zoom view, page up/down for 2D views that use it.
    • Numpad navigation.
    • Border zoom (??)
  • Keep *some* Advanced actions

    This is not clear cut and an exception to the rule, there are some keys which important to using Blender efficiently that we would like to keep them.

    Note that a factor in picking these are tools you can't usefully run from a menu.
    • Edit Mesh Loop, Ring & Path Select
    • Edit Mesh Rip
    • Square brackets for brush size (common convention)
    • UV unwrap (??)
    • Snap Menu (??)
  • Keep 'generic menu' Keys
    • Specials, Quick Menu
    • Add Menu.
    • Edit Mesh Vert/Edge/Face menus
    • Select Linked
    • Select Grouped (??)

Keys Added/Changed

  • Recalc normals is now shift-N (kept because it's a generic binding used to recalculate mesh normals, bone roll, curves handles, mask handles).
  • F1 context sensitive help.
  • F2 file context popup (link/append).
  • F3 search.
  • F4 window context menu.

Keys F5..F10 are to be kept free for users to assign their own shortcuts.

Keys Removed

So far the list includes things to keep.

Here is a list of keys which have been removed:

  • Ctrl-N to Recalculate normals is now Shift-N (so we can always make a new file).

Individual Keys


WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_poke", PKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_select_non_manifold", MKEY, KM_PRESS, (KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT), 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_faces_select_linked_flat", FKEY, KM_PRESS, (KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT), 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_spin", RKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_beautify_fill", FKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT, 0);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "MESH_OT_knife_tool", KKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "use_occlude_geometry", false);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "only_selected",          true);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_subdivision_set", ZEROKEY + i, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);


WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_origin_set", CKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT | KM_SHIFT | KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_select_mirror", MKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_parent_no_inverse_set", PKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_track_set", TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_track_clear", TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_constraint_add_with_targets", CKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_constraints_clear", CKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_origin_clear", OKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_duplicates_make_real", AKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_menu(keymap, "VIEW3D_MT_make_single_user", UKEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_add_menu(keymap, "VIEW3D_MT_make_links", LKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);	WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_convert", CKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_proxy_make", PKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_make_local", LKEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "OBJECT_OT_data_transfer", TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_CTRL, 0);


WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_header", F9KEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_screen_set", RIGHTARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0)->ptr, "delta", 1);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_screen_set", LEFTARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0)->ptr, "delta", -1);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_screenshot", F3KEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_repeat_history", RKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_repeat_last", RKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_region_flip", F5KEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_redo_last", F6KEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "SCRIPT_OT_reload", F8KEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "ED_OT_undo_history", ZKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT | KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_userpref_show", UKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_offset", UPARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "delta", 10);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_offset", DOWNARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "delta", -10);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_offset", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "delta", 1);
RNA_int_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_offset", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "delta", -1);
RNA_boolean_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_jump", UPARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "end", true);
RNA_boolean_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "SCREEN_OT_frame_jump", DOWNARROWKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "end", false);


WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_lock_to_active", PADPERIOD, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_lock_clear", PADPERIOD, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_navigate", FKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_zoom_camera_1_to_1", PADENTER, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_center_cursor", HOMEKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_center_pick", FKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_all", CKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "center", true);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_pan", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_PANRIGHT);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_pan", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_PANLEFT);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_pan", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_PANUP);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_pan", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_PANDOWN);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPLEFT);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPRIGHT);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPUP);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_orbit", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPDOWN);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_roll", WHEELUPMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPLEFT);
RNA_enum_set(WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "VIEW3D_OT_view_roll", WHEELDOWNMOUSE, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_SHIFT, 0)->ptr, "type", V3D_VIEW_STEPRIGHT);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_context_toggle", COMMAKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0); /* new in 2.5 */
RNA_string_set(kmi->ptr, "data_path", "tool_settings.use_transform_pivot_point_align");


kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, OP_TRANSLATION, TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "texture_space", true);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, OP_RESIZE, TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT | KM_ALT, 0);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "texture_space", true);


kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_context_toggle", QKEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
RNA_string_set(kmi->ptr, "data_path", "tool_settings.use_uv_sculpt");
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "UV_OT_minimize_stretch", VKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "UV_OT_pack_islands", PKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "UV_OT_average_islands_scale", AKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);


WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "WM_OT_window_new", WKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_save_homefile", UKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_open_mainfile", F1KEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_link", OKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL | KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_append", F1KEY, KM_PRESS, KM_SHIFT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_save_mainfile", WKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_save_as_mainfile", F2KEY, KM_PRESS, 0, 0);
kmi = WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_save_as_mainfile", SKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT | KM_CTRL, 0);
RNA_boolean_set(kmi->ptr, "copy", true);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "WM_OT_window_fullscreen_toggle", F11KEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_add_item(keymap, "WM_OT_doc_view_manual_ui_context", F1KEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "WM_OT_redraw_timer", TKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT | KM_CTRL, 0);
WM_keymap_verify_item(keymap, "WM_OT_debug_menu", DKEY, KM_PRESS, KM_ALT | KM_CTRL, 0);

Note: Currently adding shortcuts in certain cases is difficult and you practically need to be a developer to know to create the keymap item.

If we expect users to be more heavily editing their keymaps, we should make it easier to assign keys to toggle booleans, enums - for eg.


  • Make region flip (F5) available in a menu (was completely UN-discoverable).
  • Show OBJECT_OT_proxy_make in a menu (or not if static overrides replace it).
  • VIEW3D_OT_navigate is not usable from a menu and now has no binding.

Event Timeline

Recalculate Normals is a nice example of things that gotta go. I believe we are better off having Ctrl+N to open a new file regardless of the editor/mode.

Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) renamed this task from Minimum Keymap Proposal to Minimal Keymap Proposal.Jun 29 2018, 12:48 PM

Hi,i want add to this Minimal keymap Proposal a proposal and tell about 2 musst be added features sooner or later.

first i want tell that i totally agree on this proposal and super happy for new users that keys are beeing generalized...

but for old users like me is terrible because i still need reassign my every single keys again for every single editor mode...

did spend maybe maybe weeks in real time just for doing so...
this is where my proposal starts.

  1. change 1 shortcut for all editors types at once

make a button in user preferences > INPUT or special section that contains all shortcuts which uses this minimal keymap proposal, in this new place, if we change 1 key, then it changes for all other editors / windows same time. so would not need anymore to dig through every different editor and reassign same key.
huge time saver...

  1. in search menu able to assign shortcuts ( very important because there are very good hidden functions where are "nowhere" to find...)

now in blender 2.8 if pressing F3 button you cant click RMB to make shortcut.

let me give you example:
for navigation i used my whole B. life Function called "Center view to mouse"
now in b2.8 i couldnt even find it anywhere, good that i had it in b2.79 somehow.

without this i many other users will need many hours spending on shortcuts again than creating / learning Blender.

Bastien Montagne (mont29) lowered the priority of this task from 90 to Normal.Jul 23 2018, 11:08 AM

Currently Tab toggles edit mode, but I think it ought to toggle Object mode. I feel like you want to switch from Sculpt/Pose/Paint modes to Object mode more often than edit mode.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Unknown Status.Nov 19 2018, 2:36 PM