Blender 2.8 Beta Milestone
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This is a parent task for all the intended deliverables for Blender 2.8 beta release. Each task is followed by our initial estimative of the time involved on the task.


  • Integrate brushes & particle-brushes into the tool system: 1w
  • Navigation manipulator: 1d
  • T54641 - Multi-object editing: 1w
  • Mesh cage: 2d
  • Python API: 3d
  • T55666 - Minimal keymap: 4d (50%, design pending).
  • T55673 - New theme: 2d (80%, design pending).


  • Dynamic override: 3d
  • Presets asset manager: 1w
  • Fully proxy replacement: 2w


  • OpenGL rendering: 2d
  • T54951 - Single-column (templates, decorators)
  • Property search 1w
  • Topbar + status bar final UI design: 2w
  • Workspace polishing: 1w

Dependency Graph

  • Multi-resolution modifiers: 1w
  • Blender internal textures: 1w
  • Dynamic paint: 3d
  • (Multi)-Window time locking: 2d
  • Mini-depsgraph: 2d

Sorted Tasks

  • T55621 - Annotation system.
  • Physics and copy-on-write: 3w
  • Alembic bound to collection: 1w
  • Workbench volumetrics: 4d
  • OpenGL issues: 1w
  • New theme: 2d
  • Blender 2.8 feature page.


To Do
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On this list the second item at the top in the Tools section, Navigation manipulator, has T54641 attached to it, but that's The Multi-object support master task so perhaps it was intended to be attached to the third item, Multi-object editing, instead?

Will the projects, tags and descriptions on Phabricator be updated/added before the beta?
As it would be a nightmare to keep track of all the issues that will come when on the front page of are solid purple tasks with one tag: BF 2.8.

Workbench Engine
Grease Pencil

In fact could the projects get created as soon as possible so tasks can be tagged now, that are backlogged, in order to minimise the blend storm that will happen on the 12th August.

On another note: could there, maybe, be a board on BF Blender: 2.8 for Alpha crashes' (called; for example, "Alpha Stage: Crashes"), Beta Bugs ("Beta Stage: General Bugs") and maybe RC Stage? As then it would be easy visualize crashes/issues at different stages of development/release.

I know tasks are quite loose in their organisation, but for this major release I certainly wouldn't mind chipping in to make things go as painlessly as possible.