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Question regarding Blender
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Dear Campbell

My name is Hoang and I'm involved in correcting Vietnamese translation for Blender. I'm living in London, UK. In the, I found this text line:

#. :src: bpy.types.MESH_OT_inset.use_edge_rail
#, fuzzy
msgid "Edge Rail"

This is located in the source file:

Line: (530)

and I believe it was committed by you:

commit 6d8e25dfdc44ecb068ab73fc52af31683483a663
Author: Campbell Barton <>
Date: Mon Apr 1 10:18:01 2013 +0000

code cleanup: split editmesh_tools.c, into inset, bevel (both modal operators) and moved extrude operators into their own file.
also move some selection operators from editmesh_tools.c into editmesh_select.c

Could you pls explain what do you mean by the word: "Edge Rail"?
I tested and found that it affects on the cross lines only, as found in the test file attached. Tab into edit mode then perform 'I' (Inset faces). You should be able to select 'Edge Rail' and see the effects.

Does this mean

"Follow the railing edge" (as in the railway line)
"Keep straight with railing edge"

or what?

Best Regards,
Hoang Tran

Ps. You can use this file to test it out.



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Hoang Duy Tran (hoangduytran) triaged this task as Confirmed, High priority.

Hi @Hoang Duy Tran (hoangduytran), thanks for helping with our documentation.

The term rail in this case is like a railway or track.

The way this works is:

  • Inset moves the vertex inward.
  • If there is a single edge shared between the faces that insert this can define a 'rail' for the vertex to move along.
  • Inset can then better fit the existing geometry.


  • Poke a face
  • Offset the vertex so its not in the center.
  • Select all faces around the center vertex.
  • Run inset and toggle edge rail.

You will see the difference

Thank you so much. I worked out the differences. There is another term you used in the file:

(line 745)

where it says:

ot->name = "Select Pick Linked";

and this was made by the commit:

commit 931527e648acfbc2c7b71b59ce661dad9a4c1038
Author: Campbell Barton <>
Date: Sun Mar 29 02:15:13 2009 +0000

  • use clear, set, add, enable, disable and toggle as a prefix in operator names
  • use select as a suffix eg UV_OT_loop_select -> UV_OT_select_loop
  • Each select all operator was using slightly different wording... select_all, deselect_all, de_select_all, select_de_select_all -> select_all_toggle
  • selection -> select
  • POSE_OT_select_connected -> POSE_OT_select_linked to match other operators
  • NODE_OT_delete_selection -> NODE_OT_delete since its not used in other operators
  • ANIM_OT_previewrange_define -> ANIM_OT_previewrange_set to match other operators
  • NODE_OT_fit_all -> NODE_OT_view_all to match other operators
  • View2D_OT_* -> VIEW2D_OT_* to match VIEW3D
  • View2D_OT_view_downscroll -> VIEW2D_OT_scroll_down more logical
  • removed MARKER_OT_mouseselect_extend and made extend a boolean property of MARKER_OT_mouseselect
  • MARKER_OT_mouseselect -> MARKER_OT_select
  • GROUP_OT_group_remove -> GROUP_OT_objects_remove more logical since its removing objects from groups
  • MESH_OT_removedoublesflag -> MESH_OT_remove_doubles
  • redundant words MESH_OT_split_mesh -> MESH_OT_split, OBJECT_OT_object_delete -> OBJECT_OT_delete

    renamed selection operator properties extend_select -> extend column_select -> column select_children_only -> children_only ... Since these are all in the context of selection operators there is no need for the extra 'select' in the property name.

Could you please clarify the term:

"Pick Linked"

Did you mean 'to select' the part that has been 'Picked' by the mouse action, and they are 'linked', or what?

Hoang Tran
PS. I e-mailed you on but the mail hasn't been answered and that's why I resorted to use this logging system. I honestly don't know which is preferred way of communicating with members of development team.

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Bastien Montagne (mont29) changed Type from Bug to Design.

Did you mean 'to select' the part that has been 'Picked' by the mouse action, and they are 'linked', or what?

Yes, you pick an element with the mouse and everything linked to that is also selected. As opposed to Selected Linked which selects everything linked to the selection, and does not take the mouse location into account.

Thank you very much for the answer, Brecht. Appreciated. Cheers!